What Is Strictly Forbidden Around The Queen

These are the rules everyone must follow

In the British royal family, everything is subject to a clear regulation, which not everyone always manages to follow (even Prince Harry chose to escape from such a life). If you’re ever lucky enough to meet the Queen of England, there are a few prohibitions you should know beforehand.

Most importantly: the Queen must not be touched under any circumstances. It’s a rule dating back to ancient times, when monarchs were represented as deities. Of course, this belief has lost its power over the years, but the rule remains.

We shouldn’t forget about the gift. Whenever you meet Her Majesty, you should give her a gift that is appropriate to the occasion. Small gifts of relevance to the area where the visitor is from are most welcome. 

When the queen enters the room, all those present must stand, and can only sit down when she has lowered herself into a chair. It is also etiquette for women to curtsy and for men to nod.

The dress code is also important: one must dress exactly as suits the occasion. While Kate Middleton can afford to breach protocol in this area, the Queen’s usual guests have no such right – you will simply be denied an audience, and that will be the end of it. 

To all of us, the Queen seems an old acquaintance, but that doesn’t mean you can call her by her first name. There should be no Elizabeths. Addressing the Queen at will is not allowed either: you can only speak when she speaks to you, and when she stops, the whole conversation is over. Actually, it’s the same with meals: when Her Majesty starts, everyone starts, and when she finishes, everyone puts down their forks and spoons.