5 Reasons Why Women Are Better Drivers

“The woman behind the wheel is like a monkey with a grenade.” This caustic phrase flying at the lady from supposedly real men has long lost its relevance. It is scientifically proven that women drive much better than the stronger gender. Not least because the female sex finds it easier to cope with the multitasking mode. It is not difficult for them to ride in the traffic, switch music, drink coffee and chat with a friend. There are at least 5 more facts why women drive better than men.

Women are less likely to get into road accidents

This is evidenced by the current statistics of the traffic police. And all because women are much more responsible than men. They learn more about traffic rules and signs. Of course, then applying them on the road. Timely change summer wheels to winter ones. And if suddenly they missed the weather forecast and it snowed in the morning, they will leave the car near the house and call a taxi. Thus, without endangering yourself or others.

While 75% of men on the first day of snow will go to work on summer tires – in the hope that the snow will melt by the evening.

Women are less likely to commit administrative offenses

Indeed, according to statistics, women are less likely to be fined. And the point here is not in beautiful eyes, for which the traffic police forgives the beautiful half of humanity for all their punctures on the road. Women strictly adhere to speed limits, move in accordance with the requirements of road signs and take out insurance on time.

Yes, the same insurance, the registration of which a good half of men neglect.

Women have less car breakdowns

Lovely ladies are not frequent guests of service stations. This is an indisputable fact. They do everything necessary and more. Many of them check the engine oil level, brake fluid, antifreeze and oil in the box. If suddenly something is below the level, women will add the missing component and will definitely monitor its consumption. If he nevertheless “runs away”, they will go to the service station, where they will check everything else along the way.

Yes, not all women do this. There are those who don’t even look under the hood. But neither one nor the other neglects service. If at the service center a woman was told to come and change the filter after 10,000 km, she will arrive in 9,900. Accordingly, everything that needs to be changed on time is changed on time.

Women park more accurately

In spite of millions of viral videos, women park their cars very well even without cameras. Their mirrors are always perfectly tuned. The rear window is never obstructed. They diligently fit strictly according to the markings, largely due to the fact that they are afraid to be ridiculed for a crookedly delivered car.

Women use cars for its intended purpose

For them, a vehicle is a way to get from point A to point B. They are much less likely than men to get behind the wheel when “sober as a pope.” And this is not due to a fine or fear of losing your driver’s license.