Tell Me Where Has He Invited You And I Will Tell You About His Intentions

How to find out what intentions a man has at the beginning of a relationship, on a first date, psychology

Men are known for their pragmatism and foresight. But most of them, of course, are not deprived of romance, especially when there is a feeling of falling in love and he invites a girl on a first date. Girls, in turn, always want to know in advance exactly how a young man treats them, what to expect from a relationship with him.

Let’s try to figure out together how the place where he invited you on the first date characterizes the man’s desires.

Walk in the park

This first date can be called a pioneer. Inappropriate harassment and large investments are completely excluded. The guy clearly wants to test you, but you shouldn’t get lost either. You can also find a lot of entertainment in the park – rent a vehicle, sit on the veranda in a cafe, watch an open-air movie, play ping-pong, etc. If a young man leads you aimlessly through the alleys in the park, he is, of course, a romantic, but, most likely, penniless. He offers to diversify leisure with some kind of activity, checks how much you fit him and what you are interested in. The second option is more promising and interesting.


The young man who invited his chosen one to the cinema is clearly not devoid of a bit of romanticism. Although it may well be that he is a movie buff and again trying to check you for the correspondence of preferences. Movies are a good way to build on success, after which you can discuss the film. And goodbye to go to “second base” – kissing. Some young people in the cinema can seize the moment and begin to easily move to a new stage of relationships right on the spot – in the cinema. Agree to it or not, you decide. Some films are really not devoid of romance, and the dark atmosphere in the hall warms up interest in each other.

Restaurant, cafe

If a man asks you on a first date at a restaurant, you can be sure that he views you as a sex object. And here, of course, you, and only you, decide whether to reciprocate. Recently, however, there have been more cases when a man calls to a restaurant, but the bill offers to pay in half. In everyday life, a new expression has even appeared for such men who are not devoid of pragmatism and greed, “half-cutters”. These men are dangerous when it comes to serious relationships, where they also offer their chosen ones to live in half. Again, it’s up to you to decide if you’re happy with this half-hearted relationship or if you’re sticking to traditional gender roles.

A date at his / her home

A date at home somehow immediately suggests that sex is not just possible, but, most likely, inevitable. If this coincides with your plans for this young man, then why not. If you want courtship, romance and a candy-bouquet period, you probably shouldn’t rush to see him at home or call him right away.

Unusual date

All kinds of paragliding, horse riding, bowling, hot air balloon rides, quests, skating rinks in winter indicate that the guy is not devoid of imagination, moderately romantic, really wants to be liked and leave an indelible impression on himself. Therefore, he really likes you and by himself he is not boring, adventurous and interesting. This one is worth paying attention to, and he is clearly serious about you.

Football, basketball and other matches

If you are into sports, then the guy who asked you out on a date at the stadium was clearly trying to please you. For that, he definitely deserves a kiss. If you are more than indifferent to sports, then most likely he wanted to please himself. From this, appropriate conclusions can be drawn about this young man.

Ride a jet ski, picnic in the park and other wonders of divining desires from a distance

Most likely, you got into an American comedy, where the main character, played by the incomparable Will Smith, teaches men the rules for picking frivolous young ladies. Or you’ve become a victim of a real pickup truck. The pick-up artist likes to seduce women, and if he is a professional, then he should do it beautifully, so that it will take your breath away. Remember, pick-up artists do not build long-term relationships, they only create the illusion of being in love.