What Does a Colours of the Emoji Hearts Mean?

Each emoji has its own hidden meaning and meaning. Let’s decipher the meanings of the colors of different hearts in the correspondence!

The most of communication for many of us takes place on social networks and instant messengers. In order to somehow diversify and emotionally color our texts, we use various emoji: these are all kinds of emoticons, symbols and icons for all occasions. The developers did not put a special, hidden message in the heart icons. However, the users themselves came up with everything …

What do the hearts of different colors mean?

In communication and in correspondence in Vk between a guy and a girl, the color of the heart plays a huge role. Even without words, they make it clear about the intention of people and their relationship to each other. And if everything is clear about the essence of the “broken heart” or “heart pierced by an arrow” smiley, then there are many questions left for hearts of different colors. What are they needed for? How to interpret their meaning, especially if they were sent by a person you like?

What does the red heart mean?

With this emoji, everything is clear and simple, like with a kiss icon: it means love, romance and falling in love, everything is classic! If a guy or a girl sent you this emoticon, then be sure: the person simply adores you!

What does the black heart mean?

If you receive this heart in a message in messengers or in Bk, keep in mind that from this moment you are a free person! In other words, they broke up with you with this emoticon, which indicates a break in relations. So, without hysterics and smashing dishes!

Sometimes this symbol is sent not only to parting, but also as a sign of their disappointment, resentment and anger.

What does the blue heart mean?

Here is the most spicy! This heart symbolizes the willingness and desire to have sex! So be careful with this symbol, do not throw it around. And if you have already made a decision to move with your partner to a new level of relationship, then feel free to send this icon.

What does the purple heart mean?

 It has several meanings:

It symbolizes love for parents and relatives.

In the United States, it denotes respect for soldiers for their work for the people, fortitude and courage.

The same symbol is also used as a sign of strong sympathy and attraction to the interlocutor. As if not yet love, but far from a friend zone.

What does the green heart mean?

There are different interpretations of this symbol.

1. The first is jealousy. In correspondence, they are denoted by problems in relationships, heated feelings, understatement.

2. The second is, on the contrary, reconciliation after a quarrel or disagreement, a desire to meet. Of course, the essence of emoji needs to be interpreted based on the context of the correspondence and personal relationships.

3. Third – an offer to become a boyfriend / girlfriend and start dating. Miracles of social communication: no flowers for you, no sweet conversations for you. One smile – and it’s done!

What does the white heart mean?

White has long been a symbol of purity. Here everything is the same: the sender of this symbol expresses the purity of thoughts, intentions. Often this icon is set as a sign of gratitude, with a wish for good and peace, or when it comes to children.

The meaning of the rest of the colored hearts:

Yellow. Bad news, but this icon represents a friend zone. A guy or a girl is not ready to enter into a romantic relationship, therefore, they designate their feelings with this symbol of friendship. But outside the relationship between a man and a woman, this icon denotes friendship in the warmest sense of the word!

Orange. This is slightly more than yellow. That is, the person is friends with you, but, perhaps, is ready for something more, ready to go beyond the friend zone and try to build a relationship. Outside of the context of a relationship of opposites, an orange heart is a symbol of strong friendship.

Bronze (brown) heart. It symbolizes pure and good thoughts, such as friendship, joy. It is sent to relatives, friends as a sign of their good attitude. And it also has a second and third meaning: it embodies lost hopes or love for chocolate!

All pink hearts represent romance, adoration, affection, love, dreams, gifts! All in all, it’s okay if you got these symbols!