Truth or Myth: Thermal Water Saves You From Dry Air at Home

Whether or not it moisturizes is the question.

After a couple of weeks in quarantine, not only the “remote” workflow is subject to optimization, but also the beauty routine. For example, many responsibly put a glass of water on the work table to maintain optimal water balance in the body, and also a bottle of thermal water for the face to protect the skin from dry air at home. However, cosmetologists say that, in fact, instead of being useful if used incorrectly, the spray can cause harm: thermal water does not moisturize, but dries the skin. So should it be actively used during the period of self-isolation or not? Let’s figure it out.

What is it?

Thermal water is water with a high content of mineral salts, which enriches the skin with antioxidants, saturates with oxygen, and accelerates metabolic processes. Its properties seem to resemble an ordinary “mineral water”, but it is incorrect to compare it with carbonated water: thermal water is extracted from deeper sources, and it contains several times more different types of salts than in healthy soda.


Thermal water perfectly tones and soothes the skin;

If the water is supplemented with a trace element, for example, with selenium, then it also perfectly fixes makeup;

If it is high in zinc and sulfur, it eliminates redness and inflammation, and is suitable for the care of problem and oily skin.


“Thermal water is especially suitable for people with oily skin. The tool perfectly mattifies the skin, removes the oily shine of the face.

However, for those with sensitive skin, water is less beneficial: if used incorrectly and frequently, it can cause dryness and flaking.

“It is strictly forbidden to use thermal water on the beach in summer: it further accelerates the evaporation of its own moisture from the surface of the skin, violates its protective factor,” – Dr. Maria Mey.


Thermal water is of 2 types:

hypotonic – concentrated saline solution, which is suitable for the care of dense oily or problem skin;

isotonic – less concentrated solution: the salt concentration in the solution is close to the salt concentration in the human body. This water is suitable for the care of sensitive, irritating skin.

Use with a use

Spray thermal water after thoroughly cleansing your skin, just before applying the cream. It is important to spray it on the skin under a moisturizer to prevent evaporation. It is harmful to use thermal water outside the home during the day: the skin absorbs moisture along with dust and dirt accumulated on the face, this provokes skin rashes.