How to Keep Tidy Yours Small Apartment: 5 Tips

Maintaining order in a small apartment is a separate art form! How to get rid of unnecessary things and properly organize storage of things in a mode of space shortage?

1️. Get rid of unnecessary things

Any organization of space is based on decluttering. It is impossible to arrange a million uncomfortable things conveniently. We include everything that you do not use, that does not bring joy, that is spoiled or broken. Yes, it happens that a huge, expensive vase bought in a fit of shopaholism is an eyesore and makes you think of your own schizophrenia. Well, you could not buy it in your right mind! So why bother? Sell ​​or give, only, mind you, to someone who will really appreciate the gift. Free space and a calm soul are ideal.

2️. Make clear zoning of the space

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Organize the space according to function: child’s play area, home office area, sleep and relaxation area, and so on. It is not at all necessary to make partitions or put up racks, sometimes it is enough that this zone contains all the categories of objects that are needed to perform the corresponding actions. A corner with toys and items for the child’s creativity. A cozy armchair with a floor lamp next to the bookshelves for reading. Table, armchair, glider and motivational posters on the wall in the home mini office.

3️. Use each centimetre of your space

If there is really little space, then floor-to-ceiling storage systems are suitable for you – then the entire vertical will be involved. Look around, do you have any free corners? It is quite functional here to place a workplace or a table for a child’s creativity. Use roof rails, hooks and narrow shelving in the kitchen, organizers, and additional shelves in closets, mobile shelves and multifunctional furniture in living rooms.

4️. Use closed storage as much as possible

In a design project, end-to-end racks and open shelves can look easy and pleasant, but in life there are often many different things accumulating there that can disrupt the whole harmony of the interior. Closed storage helps to eliminate clothing noise and creates a sense of spaciousness. Use baskets, organizers and stylish boxes to organize and organize your essentials.

5️. Control the exit of new things into the house

This is perhaps the most difficult point in the age of total consumption. Adjust your consumption habits and make a conscious purchase so you don’t clog your home with plastic / synthetic disposable nonsense. Apply a little effort and imagination, change the pre-set settings, then the small apartment will become clean, comfortable and functional.