On What Day of the Week Do Married Couples Quarrel Most

No it’s not the Monday

An amazing study was conducted by scientists at the British website Betterbathrooms.com. They tried to determine the day of the week and when the couples start fighting. According to a study conducted in a group of 3,000 adults, this time was Thursday evening, or rather, the time from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Apparently, this refers to the time when both partners come home from work.

The results of the same study revealed the most common cause of fights. On average, petty disputes are said to occur an average of 312 times a year. These almost daily fights are most often triggered by a bad habit of one partner that annoys the other: a wet towel on the bed, scattered socks or dirty dishes in the sink, an uncooked or poorly prepared dinner, crumbs in the bed, or the lights turned off.

Based on this observation, couples will be able to work on relationships so as not to quarrel over small things. Otherwise, it is not far to reach the stage “we are no longer in a relationship, but we are like soul mates.” Indeed, according to family psychologists, it is for this reason that most couples in whom feelings and former passion have faded remain together.