Strawberry Cheesecake In A Glass Jar: A Recipe That Everyone Can Repeat

An ingenious dessert that you can prepare in 10 minutes!

Strawberry season inspires new culinary ideas, so if you’ve been dreaming of making a cheesecake for a long time, start with our strawberry in a cup.

This cooking method is the easiest, because you do not have to bake either a sand base or cream cheese. Such a dessert is especially relevant for a summer party: buy beautiful cups and make mini-cheesecakes in portions for each guest – they will definitely appreciate it!

Ingredients (for 6 cups):

80 g butter cookies

50 g soft butter

300 grams of strawberries

2 tbsp powdered sugar

200 grams of cream

250 g low-fat cottage cheese

50 g sugar

1 pack of vanilla sugar

Cooking method:

  • Prepare six glasses.
  • For the shortbread base, finely crumble the butter cookies and melt the butter in a saucepan (or microwave) over low heat. Mix cookies and butter. Cover the bottom of dessert glasses with a sand base and press down to the bottom.
  • For strawberry puree, puree strawberries with powdered sugar in a blender.
  • To make the cream cheese, whip the cream to peaks and fold into the curd, then add the remaining white sugar and vanilla sugar. Carefully pour cream cheese into glasses and level with a teaspoon.
  • Pour the remaining strawberry puree over the curd mixture and smooth out as well. Cut the remaining strawberries in half and place on top of the desserts.
  • Place the cheesecake cups in the refrigerator and serve cold.