Moles: What They Are, How They Appear, and Should You Remove Them?

Most moles on our body are completely harmless. But some of them are still worth paying attention to. Finding out what moles mean and why they appear.

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What is a mole

Moles (in scientific terms, nevi) can be located on any part of the face and body. They appear throughout life, starting from birth, and can be both flat and convex. Most often, moles are found in people with light or not too dark skin. These are benign neoplasms, which in most cases do not pose any danger. On the contrary, moles are even very attractive – after all, it was not for nothing that in the eighteenth century artificial moles, that is, flies, were actively used for flirting. Even now, moles on the face (natural, of course) adorn many celebrities – for example, Eva Mendes, Dita von Teese, Natalie Portman, Natalia Oreiro and more.

Why moles appear

There are several main reasons for their appearance. There are several factors that trigger the appearance of moles on the body:

exposure to ultraviolet radiation (maybe you noticed that from every vacation at sea you bring with you a couple of new moles on your body);

heredity (it is this factor that determines the number of moles);

hormones (for example, pregnancy or taking contraceptives – anything that alters hormones).

With age, moles become more and more. If they do not grow, do not change color and shape, and there are not very many of them (no more than 20 pieces), you have no cause for concern.

But if the moles begin to darken and grow (by the way, all large dangerous moles necessarily require medical control), if their surface becomes uneven and painful, you should definitely consult a doctor. Their danger is that they can turn from benign formations into melanoma. If you have a lot of moles on your body or if you notice something unusual, it is recommended that you go to a dermatologist for an examination as soon as possible.

Should you remove moles?

Many people want to remove a mole simply because it spoils the appearance. Today this is not a problem, because there are fast, gentle and fairly safe methods for removing moles, such as radio wave and laser. The place where it was located becomes completely invisible sometime after its removal.

There are more serious, non-cosmetic reasons for removing moles. Among them – a suspicion of melanoma, an atypical location (for example, the foot or scalp, where it can be easily damaged), as well as the strange appearance of the mole and a sharp increase in its size.

What do moles mean

In that very eighteenth century, when flies were in fashion, a mole could tell a lot about its owner. Here are some interpretations of the meaning of moles:

A mole near the eye is a femme fatale;

A mole on the temple is a changeable nature;

A mole on the ear is recklessness;

A mole on the right cheek is happiness in marriage;

A mole on the left cheek is a constant struggle;

Mole near the mouth – sensitivity and benevolence;

Mole on the nose – craving for travel;

A mole on the neck is a success in life.