Top Fashion Trends For Autumn 2021

Shopping guide to the latest trends

It’s a paradox: autumn arrives every year, but each time it catches us unawares. The cold and rain are hard to prepare for after a nice summer sun, but the wardrobe may be even harder to get ready for. So many girls in every possible way postpone it until September, and then in a panic buy something that they do not really need. We suggest you approach the process calmly and sensibly – and we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the autumn trends for 2021, which will answer all your questions in detail. Which summer clothes can be safely worn in the Fall-Winter season 2021/22? Which shoes are the most fashionable this season? How to choose the right dress? What does a cropped knitted cardigan look like and why does it carry the title of the main thing of the season? What outerwear to choose in autumn 2021 not to get cold and stay stylish? How to pick up a warm scarf and hat to protect against cold and wind? What stylish hats should you wear this season – a headscarf, a fedora or maybe a “postman’s cap”? What to wear this autumn: The season’s best clothes, shoes and accessories in one big selection. A complete and versatile guide to the best clothes for autumn and winter 2020/2021, with practical advice from Harper’s Bazaar’s editors, updated weekly. We’re sure you’ll have a lot less doubt and panic when autumn arrives.

Cropped jackets and cropped jackets have evolved from something unusual and extravagant to a full-fledged base – and have reliably ‘settled’ into our wardrobes. It’s proven to be the best way to elongate the legs and accentuate the waist (especially with trousers or high-waisted skirts). And it’s also a great alternative to versatile, but a bit boring blazers of voluminous “man’s cut”. This season’s cropped jackets in different shades have appeared in the collections of the leading fashion houses: from classic strict models and timeless Chanel tweed jackets to evening ones made of velvet or silk. Mass-market brands also offer a wide range of cropped jackets. Designers have gone further; they have also extended the fashionable cropped cut to outerwear. Even the classic trench coat and sheepskin coat return in an unusual waist-length, as seen at Jacquemus and Fendi.

You can’t do without rubber boots in autumn 2021

What can’t you do without on rainy autumn days? Rubber boots, of course. They are the ones to save you from mud, moisture and cold. This season, the wedge-soled, high heeled boots are a real compromise between comfort and style. And they won’t go out of fashion for a long time – so it’s worth checking them out.

Although Carrie Bradshaw-inspired handbags remain popular, this autumn many fashionistas are swapping their diminutive accessories for more practical ones. Luckily, designers are supporting this request for convenience. Autumn/winter collections included a number of XXL-size bags, and this is probably the most practical trend of the coming season. The maxi size bag is big enough to hold everything from a water bottle to a laptop. We advise you to take note.

The arrival of autumn is not a reason to immediately stop wearing comfortable sandals and slippers. Provided they have a fur insole. You can wear them on bare feet for the first few days of September, while the weather still allows, and a bit later on with cosy, warm socks. Such a technique will extend your summer a little longer – at least in terms of wardrobe (and, hopefully, mood).

The most fashionable way to warm up this autumn is with a knitted waistcoat

In autumn, we are gradually moving away from the bold and bright summer trends, increasingly favouring cosy knits and over-sizes. However, the trends for the new season are characterised by a wide range of styles. Alongside fashionable knitted dresses, the influencers try on frank tops with slits. Bella Hadid, who is a big fan of 1990s and nouveau style, especially liked them. We advise you to follow her example and not to abandon the original tops with numerous cuts, even with the advent of autumn!

Probably the first purchase we think about as the September chill sets in (and another reason we love autumn fashion) is a cosy, warm jumper. The zipped collar models popular in the 80s and 90s will be particularly relevant this season. Also known as the ‘ski jumper’, it was once seen as a strictly sportswear item, but today is an essential autumnal base and is seen time and again in the looks of street style stars and in the collections of fashion houses. The versatile high zipped collar keeps your neck cool and can be unzipped if you’re feeling warm. This open collar jumper can be worn naked with pearl necklaces or a fashionable chain, as well as over a T-shirt or turtleneck. The most fashionable way to warm up this autumn is with a knitted waistcoat.