How To Boost Immunity During The Cold Season: 6 Foods High In Vitamin A

Want to support your immune system, keep your eyesight sharp and your skin clear? Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin A. Nutrition experts agree that foods rich in this vitamin should be in your diet.


Love this tasty and hearty snack? The good news is, eat cheese to reach your daily allowance of vitamin A. Cheese is good on its own as well as a component of soups or salads. Don’t forget about moderation: cheese contains saturated fats, so don’t overdo it, and also because of the presence of lactose, cheese is not good for everyone.


Start your day with eggs: all the more reason why your imagination is limitless. Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, casseroles or vegetable salads – whichever you fancy – provide not just vitamin A, but a quality protein that will keep you energised for the day ahead. 

Oily fish

Salmon is packed with health benefits, including vitamin A. Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds that help make vitamin A more bioavailable. Baked fish in a herb marinade is ideal for both lunch and dinner. 

Unlike vegetable sources, the vitamin A in oily fish is already ready to be consumed in the form of retinol, which is important for clear skin and even promotes hair growth. 


Liver is high in vitamin A, so don’t be overzealous with the amount: make pâté and eat it with wholemeal toast or healthy crackers, for example. It’s tasty, hearty and quick – the perfect snack. 


Carrots are good for your eyes – something we’ve all heard about since we were kids. The beta-carotene in it is converted in the body into vitamin A – and that’s another plus in favour of carrots. Stewed carrots, roasted with olive oil, raw with hummus – choose what you like best. Baked carrots with hazelnuts and avocado oil is another option that will appeal even to foodies. 


This is actually a versatile leafy green: spinach is great in salads, sauces, smoothies and soups. Roast spinach with avocado oil and garlic for the perfect healthy snack