How To Choose Autumn Coat: 3 Win-Win Styles

Suitable for any taste

A classic straight coat without a belt, which this season should sit in an over-size manner. So don’t be afraid to try it on a size up – it may be a bit big at the shoulders, it will only benefit you. No decor, extra accessories and prints. Coats must be as basic as possible. Choose proven shades that go with everything – black, beige, gray. Special chic is aristocratic herringbone wool. A coat like this, if it’s the right quality, can be passed down as a legacy. 

With broad shoulders

A new cut bursts into this season, one that hasn’t quite hit the mark yet. It’s not an easy cut – the shoulder line is deliberately broad, a reference to the 80s, and instead of the English collar which we often see on coats, it’s a shirt collar. The same principle works here – it’s better to go one size up for a more relaxed look. Combine it with both trainers and high-heeled boots. Thanks to the expressive shoulders, a power dressing look is ensured. 


This genre classic will never leave the trend lists. The basic prerequisite is that the coat must be double-breasted. Whether it looks like a man’s shoulder or fits like a man’s shoulder is up to you. We recommend opting for an elongated coat, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s. As for the shades, don’t limit your imagination when choosing an outfit. You’ve always dreamt of wearing a red coat, now is the time. Or you are tempted by the aesthetic of minimalism, then look at a complex taupe colour. The simpler the style of the coat, the more important it is to pay attention to the quality of the material and tailoring. Coats are a major investment this cold autumn.