Private Opinion: Minimalism

In the age of reasonable consumption and eco-awareness, brevity and comfort are becoming one of the main trends. What is modern minimalism as seen by industry insiders?

 “Minimalism is a scary word for an unprepared consumer, moreover, this trend has been greatly discredited in recent decades,” says Mel Studio designer Pavel Chaunin. – In reality, we are talking about harmony, verified proportions and reasonable self-restraint in the excessive use of decor. In addition, minimalism also implies materials that are adequate for a certain time.

An illustrative example: go to the foyer of the Pushkin Museum and remove all the decor – you will see ideal proportions. This is minimalism. I advocate that in modern interiors there is no false neoclassicism, imitation of frescoes and cornices. Minimalist spaces should be full of air and light. Another sign is multifunctional furniture, like BoConcept, and all interior and decor items are very technological. “

 “Modern lovers of minimalism choose Danish design,” says Jan Feedan, Deputy General Director of the furniture brand BoConcept. – And they turn to us for him. It is important for them to feel comfortable and organically in the space, not to overload it with unnecessary elements and at the same time to have multifunctional and high-quality pieces of furniture that will serve them for many years. This is the smartest approach to your living space today. “