6 Wellness Practices that will Make your Life Better

Breathe deeply

The state of “resourcefulness” is primarily associated with self-love, taking care of one’s body and enjoying life. This helps us to keep ourselves in good shape, to feel harmony and fulfillment, the desire to develop. Therefore, when we say wellness, we are not talking about a single practice or exercise, but a way of life: the global goal of creating long-term habits and following practices that comprehensively improve the quality of life. You can start with six basic wellness practices that change your sense of self and tune in to self-discovery.


Taking care of yourself is an integral part of the wellness culture. Learn to listen to yourself, define your personal preferences, find what is perceived by your inner child as joy.

Taking care of yourself is about listening to yourself and not ignoring your inner desires.

The spontaneous decision to buy yourself an ice cream or go to a certain place – whatever. Take time for yourself to dialogue with yourself, at least a few minutes to relax and keep track of your desires. Start by identifying your favorite relaxation methods, such as massage, bath, aromatherapy, or music.


In the modern rhythm of life, we are constantly busy with something, it seems that there is no free time at all. We are limited in the ability to concentrate our attention, since we solve many problems at the same time. In this case, clear planning will be helpful: good time management reduces stress levels and allows you to prioritize the most important tasks / goals. Try keeping a handwritten diary or install the mobile planner app.


By constantly focusing on the future, we stop noticing how much we have achieved so far. It is imperative to be aware of and analyze current achievements.

Thank yourself for making the right decisions, making an honest choice, for all the little things that make up life.

And, of course, thank other people that we meet, as well as the universe for all the opportunities that it gives. Take five minutes in the morning or evening to write or speak it.


Exercise has many beneficial effects. For some, yoga is suitable, someone likes to combine spiritual practices with strength and aerobic exercise. But while regularly maintaining the body in an active state, do not forget about consciousness. For well-being on a mental level, the social component is important. New information is food for the mind.

Connect with different people, give yourself inspiration through art, music, and learning.

By creating new neural networks in the brain, we have a positive effect on self-awareness and self-satisfaction.


“In nutrition, I advise you to pay attention to the replenishment of the water balance, the choice of quality water: drink enough liquid in proportion to your weight,” advises the expert. Eliminate preservatives and sugar from the diet, try to consume more “live”, farm products. It is important to comprehensively monitor your health: donate blood twice a year, make checkups, look at possible deficiencies in the body and fill them.


If you want to feel healthy, you need to get into the habit of putting all devices on night mode a few hours before bed. Create silence and remove glare. It is very useful to wake up without an alarm clock, that is, organize yourself so that awakening is natural. And after waking up, perform those rituals that help wake up. “My day, for example, starts with a few asanas to stretch the core muscles and rotate the abdominal muscles that trigger the metabolic process,” shares the expert.