What Clothes Are No More Fashionable: 6 Mistakes in 2021

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There are stylish things. The base with which to wear them too. However, fashionable still does not work! A familiar problem? This is due to several outdated rules that have long lost their relevance. Here are 6 old-fashioned clothing mistakes that are still making in 2021 and how to fix them.

Oversized sweater tucked into trousers

The once fashionable waist trick now borders on bad manners. No, this does not mean that it is time for sweaters “for release”. You just need to use this technique wisely. So the duet of a bulky sweater with tight skinny jeans or thin trousers is definitely worth giving up. In the first case, this threatens with the effect of a marshmallow on the legs, and in the second – with a drawn belt fabric and an unnecessary tummy.

Two tight-fitting things at once

In a world dominated by oversize, tight things are already looked askance. And if there are two of them, then it is possible that the case is definitely bad. Of course, the “second skin” can be styled with a voluminous down jacket in winter and a cardigan in spring. However, it is extremely difficult to do this competently and without the cobra effect. Therefore, it is easier not to risk it and refuse an overly fitted ensemble.

Sports shoes only for sports

Sneakers are for running only, and bicycles and joggers are for training. Of course not! These rules have long been outdated and rest next to a bag to match the shoes. Don’t be afraid to combine chunky sneakers with skirts and dresses for a casual look. This will make them much more interesting and relevant. In winter, however, you don’t look like that. But for spring, you can take note.

Wear white only in summer

“I’ll be like Umka, just cover my nose and I’m gone!” Stop, everything is not as categorical as you think. Do not be afraid of white outerwear. Indeed, against the background of fresh snow and gray buildings, it looks as impressive as possible. But if there are still fears, then it is definitely not worth giving up this color completely. It is good as a base for the “bottom layer”. After all, versatility is his strong point. Believe me, white works on par with gray, black and red.

Bare ankles in winter

But with bare ankles in winter, you have to say goodbye. First, due to such light exposure, you can catch a cold. And secondly, you can miss other interesting trends. For example, bright high socks that will decorate your look and help you stay warm. The choice is, of course, yours. But it looks very stylish and not only for young people.

Skinny over the knee boots

On the one hand, such a combination can still be found on the streets of the city. On the other hand, stylists persistently do not recommend it. And all because modern over the knee boots should fit the legs tightly and emphasize every bend. In addition, the combination with skinny is rather unstable in terms of styling.

It seems to be trifles, but they succeed in ruining the whole image. But this trick won’t work with us. Do not be afraid of white in winter, do not wear yourself from head to toe, and also take care of your health and do not open your ankles in cold weather. These are all the rules you need to follow to be irresistible.