Cheers! The Best Recipes For The Vitamin Drinks

Delicious cocktails for every day that strengthen the immune system and tone the body

Recipes for vitamin drinks are the manic love of healthy lifestyle fans. What ingredients should you mix in a blender, juicer or saucepan in order to harden the body, not lose heart and get stronger in the face of spring beriberi? We suggest opening our “cocktail card”.


Everyone knows that a citrus-based vitamin drink for boosting immunity is a classic of the healthy cocktail genre. For those who breathe unevenly to vitamin C and tastes “with sourness” – this cheerful mix.

Complexity: Simple

Type: Drink

Time: 10 minutes

Persons: 2-3


Guava – 3 pcs (can be replaced with one large sweet apple)

Orange – 3 pieces

Mandarin – 3 pieces

Lime – 2 pieces

Lemon – 1 piece

Honey – 1 tablespoon


Juice all fruits using a juicer.

Add honey, mix well. It is advisable to drink in the morning, on an empty stomach.


Yes, yes, you heard right. Seeds are rich in vitamin D, and their content is higher than in cod liver, which has always been considered a source of vitamin D. Namely, we suffer from its absence in winter.

Complexity: Simple

Type: Drink

Time: 3 hours 10 minutes

Persons: 2-3


Mango – 2 pieces

Kiwi – 3 pieces

Apple – 2 pieces

Sunflower seeds – 1 tbsp.

Almonds – 4 pieces


Peel and seed the fruit.

Cut into pieces, mix in a blender with the seeds.

Refrigerate for three hours and drink chilled.


Viburnum berries are rich in vitamin C, contain vitamin E, K, P, phytoncides, pectin, carotene, tannins, organic and amino acids, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium … The list of its achievements and ways of acting on the body seems to go on ad infinitum: from help with respiratory diseases to headaches. Don’t miss this vitamin drink at the height of the cold season.

Complexity: Simple

Type: Drink

Time: 30 minutes

Persons: 2-3


2 cups of viburnum berries

6 tablespoons dry marjoram

Honey spoon


Put the viburnum in a saucepan and crush it with a wooden spoon.

Pour boiling water over and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

In a separate container, pour boiling water over the marjoram and leave for 20 minutes.

Strain both mixtures, mix and add honey. Great taste, aroma and vitamin fireworks for your body.


A special category of vitamin drinks is herbal cocktails. Be careful – the natural potential of plant extracts is so great that it is not recommended to drink the same “decoctions” day after day – combine drinks.

Complexity: Simple

Type: Drink

Time: 20 minutes

Persons: 1-10


2 cups dry lemon verbena leaves

1 cup dried chamomile

1 cup dried orange peels

3 tablespoons dried cranberries

1 large pinch of cinnamon

1 liter of water

Brown sugar or honey


Mix all ingredients in a dry glass bottle, close tightly to preserve the aroma.

Take two tablespoons of the mixture and pour in a liter of water. Let sit for 10 minutes and strain.

Sweeten to taste. The dry supply of herbs will last for 2 weeks.


Bogatyr Siberian health is not a Russian fairy tale, but the sheer truth, if you know how to use the potential of nature correctly. This concentrated vitamin drink is especially useful for a weakened body and during epidemics of the common cold.

Complexity: Simple

Type: Drink

Time: 15 minutes

Persons: 1-5


1 cup walnuts

500 gr cranberries

3 green apples

500 gr sugar

500 ml water

A cup of your favorite tea


Crush the nuts into small crumbs.

Grind the cranberries with sugar, cut the apples together with the skin into small cubes.

Transfer all ingredients to a saucepan, add water and put on medium heat. As soon as the drink boils, pour it into a bottle. Add one tablespoon to tea in the morning and evening.