The Best and Worst Ways to Lose Weight

Everyone presents the fight against extra pounds in different ways: some are fond of express diets, some disappear in the gym for days, while others believe that daily walking up the stairs will help them. But how to understand that the chosen method will work, and the number on the scales will start to decrease rapidly?

Fortunately, the answer to this question has been found. Our expert Becky Darrel spoke about the best ways to lose weight, and also explained which methods should not be used. Let’s figure out which of this will really help you lose weight and not harm your health.

1. Sauna

One of the heroines of the program “Life is great!” Anna weighed 145 kilograms. To get rid of excess weight, a friend recommended that a woman go to the sauna and do body wraps. Anna spent about 15 minutes in the sauna. According to her, after the procedures, a whole kilogram is guaranteed to go away.

Expert opinion:

“In a sauna, you lose water. Once you have drunk enough liquid, your weight will return. The amount of adipose tissue will not decrease at all. The fat does not melt. Fat can be broken down and excreted through the lymphatic pathways,” the expert assures. According to Elena, a sauna is the worst way to lose weight!

2. Exercise

But another heroine Anastasia took a more difficult path. She went rollerblading and walked several kilometers a day, but did not limit herself in nutrition. The girl continued to eat a lot of sweets, hoping that physical activity will relieve her of extra pounds.

Expert opinion:

If you ate one yogurt, then you will burn 100 kcal in about 25 minutes of walking. To get rid of a cheese sandwich (350 kcal), it will take 80 minutes of fast walking.

“You have to understand that without normalizing your nutrition, it is practically impossible to burn these surpluses with the help of physical activity,” explains expert. Becky also believes that without proper nutrition, training will never give the desired results.

3. Proper nutrition and drinking regime

Using the example of the Kate, the doctor showed how you can correctly get rid of excess weight. The woman has lost 48 Kilograms, and her method is quite simple: to lose weight, you need to eat at least 5 times a day, and the serving size should not exceed 200 grams. Another important rule is to drink about 2 liters of water daily.

Expert opinion:

“In order not to overeat, you need to do two things. In order for the stomach to be full, we have to add the volume of water, in which 0 kcal,” says doctor Heinz.

According to him, the second secret is to maintain the correct sugar level. Fractional nutrition will help you with this. Eating small meals 4-6 times a day will keep you feeling full by absorbing a minimum of calories.

When you lose weight, you learn how to eat well. It should stay with you for life, – said Becky.

4. Diet pills

There are 3 types of tablet. In the first, orlistat is the active ingredient. “This is a type of drug that prevents fat from being absorbed into our body,” explains immunologist Andrew Ford. The second drug, sibutramine, can help reduce hunger and consume less food. The third remedy is called liraglutide. According to the presenters, it helps burn fat faster at the intestinal level, preventing them from accumulating.

Expert opinion:

Becky Darrel assures that the pills themselves will never relieve you of extra pounds. Without proper nutrition and exercise, drugs are of no use. However, diet pills can actually help you cope with hunger or get rid of fat faster.

“This is something that helps, but is not a solution in itself,” concluded our expert.