Top 8 Tricks for Wearing Sequins Every Day

Is it possible to wear things with an inappropriate glitter on weekdays? Sure! The main thing is to follow the rule of everyday fashion: do not shine like a Christmas tree. Everything should be in moderation.

If earlier sequins could only be used at holidays and parties, today they are also worn in everyday life. The main thing is to correctly mix with the rest of the image elements. To do this, you need to know a few rules.

Create monochrome looks

An outfit in one color scheme will calm down the festiveness of sparkling clothes: let the top and bottom be the same shades. An all-white outfit, even with capri pants shining in the sun, will create a playful mood. A dark cashmere coat will soothe a flashy blue cocktail dress. A yellow top will “pacify” a gold skirt prepared for an evening out.

Wear a sports outfit

If you are an ardent cheerleader of a team, you can tell the whole world about it even on weekdays. A T-shirt with a sequin appliqué will set you apart from the crowd, while a sporty look will show your passion. However, in this case, it is better to leave bright jewelry and accessories for another way out. A solid-colored backpack, calm sleepers, watches on a leather strap (but not metal bracelets) will complement your everyday look.

Sew in small shiny wedges

The most discreet outfit will help to decorate a sewn-in sequin wedge. Remember: dosed decor will not interfere with your daytime wardrobe. Use this idea for a jacket or raincoat lining, which can be completely shiny.

Balance the shine with massive accessories

The bombast can be neutralized with athletic sneakers or a tote bag (yes, those are in vogue). So the go-out look immediately turns into a daily one if you mix different styles. Grinders can be worn under a cocktail dress, and a shining jacket can be combined with a large leather bag that is not related to the party.

Only wear one shiny thing

A thing with sequins in itself is a bright enough accent, so it should be in a single piece of outfit. If you got a festive topic, let only it shine on you. The jacket or trousers in this case should be of a neutral monochrome shade. Stash your clutch bag with metal plates for the evening.

Complement the look with soft sweaters

During the day on the subway, a shiny skirt will not look defiant if it is complemented by a knitted plain pullover or knitted sweater. The solemnity of the thing will soften the home look of the warm top. At the same time, the whole bow looks like an office-like strict and working.

Do not be afraid of rare splashes of sequins

They can decorate any part of the wardrobe: tights, top, sweater, shoes or a bag. In a small amount, shiny grains of sand will make the thing embossed and non-monotonous. Also, for office wear, embroidery and sequin accessories are not prohibited. The main thing is that the part is not very large.

Apply natural makeup

A light, almost invisible make-up on the face will help reduce the aggressiveness of an evening dress. A gentle and light look under natural eyelashes will give a special girlish charm and neutralize the vulgarity of the outfit.