Coping with Panic Attack: Breathing Exercise to Help Calm Down

Breathe deeply

Modern residents of megacities are increasingly faced with panic attacks (PA), regardless of age, gender and life situations. Endless stress, hard work, lack of adequate sleep and rest lead to a deterioration in physical, and most importantly, psychological health.

In this case, experts usually advise to learn how to clearly distinguish between work and free time, meditate and rest more. In case you are just on your way to a stress-free wellness regimen and are still no, no, and are facing PA attacks, we will share a simple yet very effective breathing exercise to help you recover.

It is important to understand that in moderate doses, stress is good for health, in addition, it also motivates us to develop and become stronger. But if you are constantly in an anxious state, the body begins to actively produce cortisol (stress hormone), which leads to a decrease in immunity.

Breathing practices contribute to relaxation, smoothing out fine mimic wrinkles, strengthen the nervous and endocrine systems, improve sleep, metabolism and saturate the body with oxygen.

“Breathing is literally “ life ”,“ resource ”state, which is important to maintain in every possible way with the help of breathing practices. These classes help a person learn to cope with stress, maintain an inner sense of balance in the flow of activities and emotions, ”says Natalie.

Agree that without internal energy it is more difficult for us to achieve our goals and experience failures. All this leads to even greater stress and even to psychosomatic illnesses, in particular to panic attacks.

Try practicing mindfulness breathing – the first step to relaxation and meditation. Pay attention to how you breathe during the day, in different situations – pleasant and unpleasant. Are you able to breathe deeply, or can you only breathe at the level of your upper chest? You may have noticed that in a stressful situation, we begin to breathe shallowly, faster, or forget to breathe altogether, freezing with fear. To learn how to control such unpleasant moments, you need to regularly perform breathing practices lasting only 5-10 minutes a day. It will help you feel better, calmer, and more confident.


As soon as you feel anxiety, panic attack, you should:

  1. sit up straight, put your feet on the floor, start breathing deeply and calmly through your stomach, focusing on your sensations;
  2. feel how cold air slowly fills your lungs and abdomen, and warm air leaves your chest, along with anxiety, doubts, negative thoughts;
  3. count from 1 to 4 as you inhale and then as you exhale. Breathe in this rhythm for 3-5 minutes, without stopping.

Even if you have never had the experience of breathing practices, after the first time you will feel how your emotional background will positively change.

If something disturbs you – “breathe” this pain deeply and calmly, until you calm down and the tension subsides. In this way, we transform the accumulated emotions into energy, which helps us to act effectively, make informed decisions, better manage ourselves and our emotions.