Three Bars of Chocolate a Month Will Save Your Heart

By eating three bars of chocolate a month, you significantly reduce your risk of heart failure.

Chocolate sweets
It turns out that a healthy lifestyle and sweets are not only compatible, but even impossible without each other! Scientists from Munich said that the main thing in the consumption of sweets is moderation. If you use your favorite desserts wisely, they can help your body.

A team of experts looked at data from more than half a million adults who eat sweets and came to surprising conclusions. It has been found that 3 chocolate bars a month helps reduce the risk of heart failure.

Sweet tooths who are in control and eat small amounts of chocolate have a 23% lower chance of getting heart disease compared to those who cut off sweets altogether. However, sweets should not rejoice and rush to the store for bars of their favorite chocolates – consuming a lot of chocolate increases the risk of heart failure by 17%. That is why scientists say that you need to know when to stop in everything.

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Three Bars of Chocolate a Month Will Save Your Heart pexels photo 18398821

Scientists have explained exactly how chocolate affects the heart: it contains flavonoids, which are sources of the right cholesterol, improve blood flow and help the body get oxygenated.

Researchers advise eating dark chocolate because it has a high flavonoid content and less fat than milk chocolate. By the way, dark chocolate also has a positive effect on mental health, so consuming it in moderation is beneficial for those who often experience anxiety and stress.