Hot Efficacy: Erborian Red Pepper Facial Treatment

Red pepper, one of the “protagonists” of Korean culture, is renowned worldwide for its super-potent properties. The extract of this plant increases the production of energy by the skin cells and activates the natural glow. To ensure the safety of Red Pepper beauty rituals, Erborian uses only red pepper pulp and capsaicin (warming molecule) is removed.

So, the products do not have an aggressive effect and are suitable for all skin types.

Red pepper gel face cream

The gel-cream contains red pepper extract, which energizes cells and provides a healthy glow; lightening niacinamides known for their ability to improve the condition and appearance of mature skin, and hyaluronic acid.

Red pepper paste mask

The mask is very soft and gentle on the skin, suitable for all skin types. It has a dense, velvety texture and gives an instant feeling of hydration and softness to the skin. Enzymes in the composition even out skin texture and promote cell regeneration, red pepper extract provides a healthy glow, and licorice extract, a well-known antioxidant, has brightening properties.