New Gadgets For the New Era: Why Do You Want to Get Them All?

Until the world gives us time to breathe and is changing rapidly, instead of being afraid of change, we are looking for pluses in the situation. Both for a career and for self-development! Moreover, technologies respond to new requests instantly – and, by the way, make life much easier.

Almost half of the office workers have turned into creative freelancers in just a few months. And, it seems, she did not regret it: the costs of servicing a working life (open space, dress code, coffee break – remember?) Have decreased. But productivity and creativity have grown and continue to grow.

Pick up a wardrobe, put on makeup, get to the office, run out for a break with an indispensable cup of coffee … and also tame a working computer and a projector, hold a couple of office meetings and catch a business lunch – before my day looked something like this. And it took a lion’s man-hours to maintain this system.

Today home, work and creativity are no longer pieces of an incompatible puzzle. We finally began to be able to multitask and synchronize different areas with each other. But – let’s not flatter ourselves – without the help of gadgets it would be impossible. It’s easy to make sure of this if you imagine how an ideal freelance day would go if he had new items from the Samsung Galaxy family at hand. And they will soon: the start of sales of the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra smartphones, the Galaxy Watch3 wearable device, the Galaxy Buds Live headphones and the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + tablet on August 21, and until that day, the pre-order is valid!


It is only in coffee advertising that a new day begins with a cup of coffee. The morning of a conscious person comes after a glass of water and fact-checking the night spent – the new Watch3 monitors the quality of your sleep every night. With a slight shake of your hand, you stop the alarm clock (yes, a complex system can be controlled by simple gestures) and watch the analytics. Fine! Now you can soak up your bed …

The breakfast just ordered in the attachment and an invigorating letter from the manager, to which you answer “without leaving the checkout” – well, that is, without getting out of bed, helps to finally wake up. You need to react quickly – let everyone think that you are an early bird! (Although you’re still under the covers.) You can correspond, choose a croissant and confirm an appointment in the messenger at the same time, if you are the lucky owner of a Galaxy Tab S7 or S7 + tablet. Advanced Multitasking Window The Multi-Active Window displays up to three applications on one screen, so you don’t have to jump from one to the other. And also “tie” the most necessary in pairs or triplets and launch at the same time. My morning mix is ​​work mail, chat and food delivery. We add a new keyboard with an antimicrobial coating to the tablet – and turn the “bed” gadget into a full-fledged computer: it’s very fast!

Working remotely doesn’t mean running wild and forgetting the way to the office. Quite the opposite: weekly face-to-face meetings keep you in good shape and nicely complement the video conference calls. The first half of the day, by the way, is the traditional time for one of them. The online planning meeting would be just perfect if cats and dogs did not get confused underfoot, the child did not call from the nursery and the husband did not demand attention (underline the necessary). I cover my ears: no, not with my hands, but with the new Galaxy Buds Live headphones. A conferencing salvation!

These stylish and very smart “beans” instantly connect to your laptop and muffle all extraneous sounds thanks to the open-type ANC active noise cancellation system. The rest is a matter of concentration, and it lasts until the moment when my Galaxy Watch3 reminds me to go out. In general, all members of the Samsung family report on important matters – they are united into the Galaxy ecosystem, with which the laptop is also synchronized, if it is on Windows. But time is enough only to look at the dial, to request a weather forecast with a simple gesture and call a taxi.


Now my whole working life is on my smartphone. And he, the new Galaxy Note20, seems to be able to do everything! Not only because it has become even more productive, but also for the simple reason that all the files, images and notes I need are instantly transferred from my tablet and laptop to my smartphone. Instead of uploading to the cloud and then uploading to another gadget, the Samsung Flow app works, which instantly syncs all my assistants and does not depend on third-party services.

Honestly, you can’t print much from a smartphone, even if it’s as convenient as the Galaxy Note20. Especially if you have a spectacular manicure and you can barely click on a regular keyboard. Calm down, nail art fans and just creative girls! The new Galaxy Note20 has an S Pen that makes our life much easier! I chat with a colleague on the phone and prepare for the presentation right in the taxi, marking with this wonderful pen those moments in the presentation that I will have to focus on today. The new model has noticeably reduced screen response delay – handwriting is even more realistic and smooth, so my S Pen just flies through notes and presentation pages, and also easily controls slides. But this is already in the office. From creative discussions my head is spinning: at the end of the meeting, I am no longer able to perceive letters. And here is another useful option: the same notes can be supplemented with audio recordings! I use my voice to write down the ideas that visited us during the brainstorm right into the file I need – then I can easily find the selected fragment without wasting time digging through the text of the note. It’s good that all this time, as a detective, I was recording our brainstorm on a dictaphone right in the notes, while simultaneously marking key phrases. This “combo” was done for a reason: then the Galaxy Note20 will be able to send me to that fragment of the audio recording in which the magic (that is, the word marked by me) is pronounced. This means that you do not have to waste time and rehearse all the negotiations. Or, God forbid, decipher them. Glory to the new smartphones!


Creative ideas don’t run out when the day is over. For example, for dinner we will prepare a new casserole, the video recipe for which the children found while you were giving a presentation in the office. And that’s where the multitasking gadgets of the Galaxy ecosystem come in handy! I find the video on the Galaxy Note20 smartphone, connect wirelessly to the Smart TV and display the video on the TV screen, controlling it using the smartphone display like a mouse. The most convenient thing about this is that it is not necessary to minimize applications at all: on the contrary, “Notes” will be useful in order to quickly write down a recipe (and decorate it with illustrations if the child takes possession of an electronic pen for a short time).

When the work tasks are done, dinner is eaten and all the household scatters about their business, … conscience wakes up: what about sports, dear? Yes, we have not forgotten! In a period when you have neither the courage nor the strength to go to the gym, it is nice to know that in your light little Galaxy Watch3 there is a whole library of more than 100 workouts that are easy to repeat at home! Finishing my cardio classes and still leaving the house … Or not? After all, the headphones are almost dead. I would surely be upset if I didn’t know that Galaxy Buds Live headphones take five minutes to charge for playing audio for an hour. I lace up my sneakers and head out to the park wondering what running achievements the Galaxy Watch3 will show me today?


No matter how stressful the day is, you should always give yourself time for small pleasures … even if those minutes are stolen from your sleep. Read, listen to your audio notes, write down a beautifully edited story, and just dream a little while lying around with your tablet. Dream of something more! Order your Samsung Galaxy gadgets before the start of sales, scheduled for August 21.