#Immunity: Tomato Juice Is Your Assistant In The Fight Against Sars

How tasty and easy to strengthen the immune system

Concerns about the Covid-19 epidemic, and with it the outbreaks of seasonal colds and flu that have become habitual, are pushing us to change our diet: as “faster, higher, stronger”, only “more useful, more, more diverse”. If you already eat kefir with almonds every day and start the morning with a handful of blueberries, add tomato juice to the menu. At the same time, this will be a pleasant tribute to all canceled trips and flights.

It turns out that homemade tomato juice is not only a great source of vitamins A and C, but also folic acid, which helps us absorb iron. According to research conducted in 2006, tomato juice helps the body fight inflammatory processes, frequent companions of flu and colds. The key to success here is the regularity of the use of tomatoes. If you want, sorry for the tautology, to get the most out of juicy vegetables, drink a glass of juice a day for at least two weeks.

But if there are no two weeks to prepare the body to effectively fight a cold, give up tomato juice for a drink made from fresh celery and zinc supplements. And, of course, do not forget to wash your hands properly – this is the most reliable preventive measure against most seasonal viruses.