Food Trend: Spicy Rosé With Jalapeno

Tired of drinking rosé and prosecco with strawberries and raspberries? Try something new. An unusual drink recipe went viral on social networks – bloggers pour rose wine into a glass and throw a circle of hot green jalapeno pepper into it.

Jalapeno – green chili – has generally become popular in very unusual and seemingly unconventional dishes for using pepper, for example, they make jams or ice cream with it. And in Latin America and some southern European countries, they like to make lemonade with jalapenos in the summer. Including pink lemonade (it is sold in bottles, and it is made from lemons and rose water), which is added with mint and pieces of hot pepper. It seems that this is how the recipe for the viral alcoholic cocktail appeared – just someone decided to pour wine instead of lemonade.

Jalapenos are known for being quite mild, and can be very, very hot, depending on the location and growing conditions. The main sharpness is contained in the tissues that hold the seeds in the pod. If they are removed, this will reduce the hotness of the pepper and the special sour taste. By the way, they say that the taste of pepper is revealed in a cocktail not immediately, but gradually. Bloggers claim that the cocktail is a real bomb.

You need rosé wine (sparkling is fine), green jalapeno, mint, lime wedge and ice. Pour a rose, squeeze a teaspoon of lime into it (this is one thick slice), throw in jalapenos with or without seeds (at your own risk), add mint leaves for beauty, and you’re done. Although some foodies don’t bother, they just throw pepper in the rose, and that’s it.

PINK Mocktail with Jalapeno


1 lime

1 jalapeno

1/2 bottle of pink lemonade

1 tsp rose oil or 2 tbsp. rose water (optional)

fresh mint leaves


Cut the lime into wedges and squeeze one or two into the glass. Chop the jalapeno and add a few pieces to a glass. Stir and let stand for a few minutes to mix the juice and jalapenos. Add pink lemonade and mix well. Take a mint leaf, pat it lightly with your palm to release the essential oils, and add as a garnish on top. To your health!