Cook a Cauliflower Steak that will Become your Signature Dish

Cauliflower steak with thyme and wasabi


Cauliflower – 600 g

Wasabi powder – 60 g

Japanese mayonnaise – 120 g

Sesame – 15 g

Olive oil – 45 g

Vegetable oil – 45 g

Garlic – 15 g

Onion – 25 g

Cream 25% – 30 g

Thyme – 15 g


-Cut a 160 g steak from a head of cauliflower.

-Poach the steak in a spicy garlic and thyme broth.

-Fry on both sides in vegetable oil until golden brown.

-To make the puree, sauté the remaining cabbage and onion in olive oil, then pour in the cream and simmer until softened. Punch the resulting mixture in a blender.

-Serve over mashed cauliflower with steak and drizzle with a mixture of wasabi powder and Japanese mayonnaise. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.