5 Pieces Of Clothing That Hurt Your Back

Take it off immediately

The postulate that “beauty requires sacrifice” is long overdue to be recognized as harmful. In pursuit of trends, we often forget about our own health.

According to a study by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), 73% of those surveyed suffer from back pain due to improper clothing. And if 28% of women say that they are aware that clothing can affect their back and posture, then 33% do not even know what potential harm they can do to themselves.

“Most of my patients do not know that their clothes and accessories affect back health, cause chronic diseases, scoliosis and other diseases. But it surprises me that people, even knowing this, continue to wear things that harm them, and often overcome pain, ”says a health expert.

Certain clothing items are harmful because they restrict free movement in areas like the hips and knees, constricting arteries and slowing blood flow, the expert shares.


  • Skinny jeans
  • Oversized shoulder bags that we carry on one shoulder
  • Coat with large hoods
  • High heel 
  • Shoes without a heel support, such as mules

According to an expert, clothes with asymmetrical cuts, large wide sleeves and hoods can cause posture problems. Also, too heavy jewelry is harmful to the neck and blood circulation – earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that are too narrow, as well as hats with large brim.

“We’re not advocating for a total ditching of these wardrobe items, but they do require moderation,” says the expert. For example, you shouldn’t wear skinny clothes every day. You can skip daily stilettos, especially if you’re on your feet all the time. And try switching from a fashionable tote bag to a backpack, at least on those days when you have to carry a lot with you to the office. See, your body will thank you.”

By the way, in the last few years, doctors often talk about the dangers of tight jeans. In 2015, a case was even documented where the legs and ankles of a 35-year-old woman, due to overly tight trousers, swelled and weakened to the point that she could not walk. The woman’s leg muscles were damaged. She was diagnosed with compartment syndrome, a condition in which certain parts of the body swell due to excessive pressure.

Proving that back pain is caused by certain things is quite difficult. However, to help prevent this potential pain from occurring, the expert offers a few tips for maintaining good posture:

Choose things that fit or are slightly looser, and not one or two sizes smaller, even if you plan to lose weight in the near future. It’s better to buy new jeans after you’ve shed the pounds.

Avoid hats that are too big, they can put a lot of strain on your neck.

Change the bag you carry every day if it’s too big. The bigger and heavier the bag, the more strain you put on your neck and back. Avoid bags and clutches that need to be carried under the arm, because this will bring one shoulder down, twisting the neck and spine.

High heels increase tension in the spine. Therefore, if you wear stilettos, try to alternate them with sneakers or low heels from time to time to reduce the burden.

Proper support is also important: choose a bra so that the load is distributed evenly. The bra should not be too tight, too big or too low. Make sure that the center cup fits snugly against the body and that the straps are not too tight around the shoulders. If during the day you feel that the straps cut into the skin, then you have adjusted them incorrectly.

And watch your posture. Shoulders should always be straight and down.