Autumn. The Cold. And The Make-Up?!

How to look good with a red nose and herpes on your lips. Getting your make-up right

A cold is an insidious illness that sometimes makes us look awful – puffy eyes, red nose, flaky lips, all of which often accompany a cold. Of course, when this happens, we try to stay indoors so that no strangers can see us. But what if you don’t have a fever and you have to go to work or school? Now we will figure out how to camouflage a cold with the right makeup. If done properly, you won’t even know you have a cold.

If you’re sick, your condition constantly changes, with fever changing with chills, red spots, inflammation or a painful pallor appearing on your face. It’s all natural in this condition, but how do you hide it? Use a moisturizer that will refresh and revitalize your skin and keep it from dehydrating and drying out.

To conceal under-eye circles, use a peach-colored concealer underneath your powder. Do not try to do it only with foundation, as such a method will only make the circles even darker. Concealer first and then tone and powder. For red areas on the wings, take concealer with a yellowish or greenish hue.

As for the tone, do not resort to a dense foundation, which will only emphasize the imperfections of an unhealthy face, take a lightweight matte cream with a moisturizing effect.

Attention should now be drawn to the cheeks. Your favourite blusher will do you good, but make sure you don’t overdo it, preferably by blending a small amount on the “apples” of your face, as they appear when you smile. And try using beige or bronze shades instead of red.

Put on eye make-up

Often when we have a cold, we have reddened eyelids and watery eyes, so it’s a mistake to put on flashy makeup. It’s better to let your inflamed eyes rest and not draw too much attention to them. Replace dry eyeshadow with creamy shadows, which are less afraid of your tears and they hold better. As for shades, go for bronze, beige or golden brown tones that will perfectly camouflage redness, but avoid pink and purple colours.

When you’re doing makeup for a cold, it’s best to choose gel eyeliner or a water-resistant pencil. It is better if you do away with black eyeliner, which looks heavy and draws extra attention, which you don’t need in this state. Brown or grey would be fine. And it’s best not to mascara your lower lashes, as you’ll sneeze and the mascara might fall off.

Put on lipstick

The delicate skin on the lips during a cold can be even more vulnerable, as it’s prone to chapped or cracked lips. The first thing you need is extra nourishment and moisture for your lips. That’s why stubborn and dry lipsticks should not be used. Give preference to a therapeutic lip balm in pastel shades or even the usual clear gloss with a moisturising effect.

How to cover up herpes on the lips

This is a special case, but the common cold can often make herpes noticeable. Let’s understand how to disguise a cold on the lip. First of all, it’s best to prevent it from appearing. As soon as you feel a cold coming on and your lips start burning and itching, apply Acyclovir or Zovirax lip ointment straight away. This should be done frequently – once every 3-4 hours.

If lesions have already formed on the lips, wipe the lips with an ice scoop and blot with a sterile tissue. After that, treat the affected skin with a cotton swab soaked in salicylic alcohol or Corvalol. Now carefully paint your lips as you always do, but the lipstick you use for herpes should be thrown away, or at least cut off its top. Wipe your lip pencil with alcohol afterwards.

If the herpes protrudes beyond the contour of the lips, then mask this part with foundation. But if your sore is already in full bloom and wet, bursting blisters have appeared, then it is better not to paint your lips, but just wait until the condition improves.

There, we’ve got the situation straightened out, so that even with a cold, you’ll look attractive and conceal your well-being from outsiders. But still, try to stay at home and get well so that you can get well sooner.