Cozy, Trendy And Warm: Wear Oversized Knitwear For Autumn

Knit netting and cosy jumpers

Knitwear is an obligatory companion of autumn looks. But this season the designers gave the trend a slightly exaggerated look. Cardigans, jumpers, dresses, trousers and even bags with extra-large knits have made an appearance on the catwalk. And this trend is the perfect find for cold and unpredictable autumn. Cozy oversize cardigans are a great solution to the chilly October weather.

But look no further than classic cardigans and jumpers. Excellent find can be a knitted waistcoat of large knitting, which can be easily put on a naked body instead of the top. However, the designers have not forgotten about the tops. If worn in autumn, only knitted tops. And the emphasis should also be made on a large knit. Textured top can be combined both with blazers and oversize jackets.

During the autumn-winter period the bright and light colors are traditionally replaced by darker shades. But this season the designers made an exception. All voluminous knitwear looks the best in catchy colors. And even the prints on such things can be textured. We suggest you take a new fashion course this fall and diversify your wardrobe with light accents in the form of cozy jumpers of large knitwear. This season, the over-size models with large braids or textured details are especially relevant. Designers have really fallen in love with jumpers in all shades of white, from milky to pearl grey.