Three Rules to Improve the Effectiveness of any Diet

A study by Stanford University School of Medicine reveals interesting data on the process of losing weight

Many people believe that diet success depends on unshakable willpower and incredible motivation, but there is actually a pretty impressive list of factors that interfere with your metamorphosis (age, metabolic rate, genetics, etc.). An effective way to lose weight is a rather unique thing: for someone it is enough to simply give up sweets, for someone – observe a 16-hour fast, for someone – add protein to the diet. Scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine conducted an interesting study in which they formulated three universal rules for maximizing the success of any diet.

About research

The experiment involved 609 people aged 18-50 years, the number of men and women was approximately the same. The researchers wanted to trace the relationship between biological factors and different diets. Half of the participants followed a ketogenic diet for over a year – a low-carb diet with high amounts of fat and moderate amounts of protein. The other half stuck to a low-fat and low-carb menu, with an emphasis on protein. A group of scientists watched the dynamics of the experiment. As a result, the researchers formulated three rules that guarantee the success of the diet for any person.


Choose nutritious foods

The diet can be “cheated” by adding a balanced meal. Rely on natural and high-quality products: fish, vegetables, unsweetened fruits, vegetable oil. For example, on a keto diet, it is healthier to eat an avocado than cheese, because in the first case, you will get more vitamins.

Avoid white flour products

White flour products take you away from the numbers. Better to rely on whole grain bread, pancakes and pancakes can be made with almond flour.

The diet is based on vegetables

Vegetables contain a minimum of calories and a maximum of vitamins and minerals. This will help you maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time and avoid “breakdowns” on unhealthy foods.