How Tired Am I: 3 Reasons for Energy Deficiency

3 reasons why we feel tired and sad

The change of seasons is often accompanied by depressive moods, a lack of energy and generally unwillingness to lead at least some social life. You should not blame yourself, look for the reasons in a complex nature, because there is always a completely logical explanation for this. A banal lack of vitamins and minerals in the body can significantly affect not only the work of metabolic processes, but also the mood of a person. We decided to ask a nutritionist about how to recognize the first signs of energy deficiency and what to do about it.


Lack of iron in the body leads to unpleasant health consequences, in particular anemia. Iron performs many vital functions, such as transporting oxygen to tissues. Without oxygen, not a single biochemical process and not a single reaction takes place in our body, hence the lack of energy.


  • Feeling tired in the morning when you can’t even get out of bed.
  • Drowsiness. You are sleepy all the time: no matter how much you sleep, you still want to take another nap.
  • Apathy and depression: emotional stress.

The body tries to overcome such unpleasant sensations with the help of sugar-containing products: when we are sad, an irresistible desire arises to eat some dessert. Sweets are a source of carbohydrates that instantly gives the body energy, but it doesn’t last long. After a short period of time, you again need a dose of “sugar dope”, and you become food addicted. The reaction to a quick burst of energy in the body is irritability and even anger.


According to Yulia Makarenkova, most often problems with the thyroid gland logically arise from the first problem – anemia. Disruption of the thyroid gland leads to a slowdown in metabolism, a decrease in the level of energy in the body as a whole.


Vitamin D is involved in over 2500 biochemical processes in the body. It can be safely called a prohormone, a vitamin that affects our genes. In conditions of vitamin D deficiency, the body cannot fully function.

If you find the first signs of a deficiency, do not rush to self-medicate, take vitamins at random – first go through a full examination, get tested and consult a specialist.