Why You Shouldn’t Drink Orange Juice In The Morning?

Nutrition experts answer

The picture of the perfect breakfast is a cup of coffee, croissant, jam and a glass of orange juice. But is juice good for you, especially in the morning? Explained by nutritionists.

Are fruit juices and sodas equally harmful?

After waking up, our body needs rehydration, because we spent the whole night without water. Sweet juice for our stomach in the morning is an aggressive environment. In addition, citrus fruits are rich in acids, which can be harmful to those with digestive problems. “But if everything is in order with your stomach, the acid will not harm you, since the pH of the stomach is higher than that of citrus fruits,” explains an expert.

Sugar contained in juice is much more dangerous than acid. We are talking about both store juice and freshly squeezed.

“There is a lot of sugar in the juice, and when it gets into the body with an empty stomach, it is very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, producing more insulin than is necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Canned juice from the store contains an even higher dose of sugar. Such juice is harmful, like soda, and does not contain the nutrients that the whole fruit contains, ”the expert continues.

Indeed, commercial fruit juice contains as much sugar as a glass of soda, which is 10 grams per 100 ml. And according to another nutritionist, it should not be consumed in the morning when you first wake up. Taking sugar on an empty stomach can cause hypoglycemia. After a few hours, the sugar will go down and the brain will ask for more sugar. That is why if you wake up at 7 and drink juice for breakfast, you will feel hungry again at 10:00.

The benefits of orange juice

Orange is a source of vitamin C, which our body cannot produce, but which is necessary for strengthening the immune system and proper absorption of calcium in the bones, so this fruit is certainly healthy. A 200 ml glass of orange juice covers almost all of the daily requirement of vitamin C. In addition, according to several studies, orange juice reduces too high levels of bad cholesterol and therefore prevents cardiovascular disease by protecting our blood vessels. For the beauty of the skin, orange is also indispensable, it activates the production of collagen (which is also important for bones and muscles). Oranges contain vitamin B6, which helps skin regeneration.

When to drink juice for the greatest benefit to the body?

“Drink juice after lunch. It’s much healthier than breakfast. No need to drink juice before training: due to the jump in sugar, you risk getting a peak of hypoglycemia, which will decrease during training, and therefore you will feel unwell. The best way is to drink a glass of juice or eat a fruit after physical exertion, ”says the expert.

It is better to peel and eat an orange than to squeeze juice out of it. This will give you extra fiber and less calories since fruits have a lower glycemic index than juices. But if you are a juice lover, then do not overdo it, one glass is enough.