Why Is It Important To Monitor The Health of Your Back

And why sometimes you should listen to yourself more carefully

Modern people are increasingly faced with the problem of back pain. There are many reasons for this: for example, a sedentary lifestyle, endless stress at work, internal disorders in the body. It is worth noting that the average age of a person complaining of spinal problems is getting smaller every year: and if old people used to grab their backs, now more and more young people, and sometimes even children. Unfortunately, this trend indicates a deterioration in our health and a decline in the quality of life. Why is it so important to carefully monitor your back health and not create unnecessary problems for yourself? We learned from the doctor of medical sciences, an international expert in the field of orthopedics and traumatology.

The back is the support of our body, which is responsible for the motor function of the body, our mobility. It is not surprising that the general condition of the whole organism, the quality and duration of life depends on the health of the back.

“The human spine consists of ribs and large and small muscles located on them. This complex “design” enables a person to move and protects internal organs from damage.

Figuratively speaking, the spine is the mast of a sailing ship, stretched with ropes in the form of muscles and ligaments, which is capable of withstanding heavy loads.

In medicine, we call the spine an axial organ because the axis is the center that literally holds everything, ”says the expert.

Pay attention to professional athletes from any sport: athletics, tennis, football, boxing – they all pay special attention to back training. According to the expert, such practices have been carried out in Asia for many centuries: in order to succeed in martial arts, athletes simply need a strong back. It allows them to deliver and deflect powerful blows from the enemy. Therefore, it is important for fighters to constantly strengthen their back muscles, develop flexibility and elasticity of the spine.


  • proper nutrition: it gives the body all the necessary substances, vitamins, trace elements, as well as a charge of energy;
  • stress level: try to react more calmly to any, even the most difficult situations in life, in the form of burning deadlines, personal experiences and any other problems. Learn to control your emotions, relax and treat everything easier;
  • sports and physical activity. You can combine several types of loads: for example, strength training with stretching, cardio training with yoga;
  • time spent outdoors: if you have a “sedentary” job, then walk more, breathe air, run.


“According to statistics, each of us had back pain at least once in our lives. Back pain is not always indicative of serious health problems: after a long rest of 1-2 weeks, pain can go away by itself. However, if you feel numbness or numbness in your limbs and the pain becomes unbearable, you should see your doctor immediately. No need to be afraid to go to specialists! You will not be sent straight to the operating table, as some patients think.

Over the course of life, the spinal discs wear out and become thinner, which in turn increases the stress on the joints, so you feel back pain.

Fortunately, recent scientific studies have shown that modern medicine is able to influence this process: for example, a method has been developed based on the use of a person’s own blood plasma, which accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration, ”shares the expert.

Remember that there are many reasons for back pain, and in each case, an individual approach is required. Therefore, doctors recommend not to self-medicate, but to consult in time with a specialist who can competently draw up a treatment plan for you.