Skirts Styles that are Taboo After 40

How just one skirt can damage your reputation.

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Unloading your wardrobe is always a good idea. Especially if there are still things there that will definitely not adorn an adult woman. In order not to look ridiculous and not cause doubtful thoughts in others, make sure that these 5 skirts are not among your outfits.

With patches and children’s decor

Hearts, cherries, rhinestones – all this is cute and good, if it’s not about how a 40+ woman’s skirt looks like. It is enough to imagine an elegant, sophisticated and stylish lady in a dress with such decor to immediately identify an extra element of her image. Still, it is worth understanding and accepting that the wardrobe should change from time to time. Then it will be easier to exclude things that look ridiculous on an adult lady.

Tutu or fluffy skirt

The tutu skirt that some ladies wear in everyday life can look even more awkward than the version with children’s stripes. For a themed party, this style may still be suitable (who among us did not imagine ourselves as a Disney princess or an elegant ballerina?), But the combination with a sweatshirt, boots or sneakers is more like a nightmare of any stylist.

With a very low cut

Surely everyone remembers the legendary image of Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in 2012. For her release, the actress chose a provocative black dress with a slit that started above mid-thigh. Apparently, some women were so inspired by this outfit that they are still trying to repeat it, especially with the help of skirts.

Just do not forget that such a thing is not at all for an everyday look. In a skirt with a high slit, you risk looking vulgar and not causing admiring looks. Therefore, if you repeat the Hollywood image, then only for a special occasion.

Skirts made of cheap fabric

In search of their style, the right length and the right colors, some women forget that the quality of the skirt plays a very important role here. This is exactly what can completely ruin not only the image, but the whole impression of you. If for very young girls see-through fabric or cheap shine can still be forgiven (but still undesirable), then an adult lady runs the risk of ruining her reputation.

Micro mini skirts

If a skirt with a high slit can still be chosen for an evening look, then you should not do this with an ultra-short mini-skirt. To be honest, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which such an option would look appropriate. An adult woman dressed in this way will definitely evoke ambiguous (and not the most pleasant) thoughts. Still, it is better to leave micro-mini for girls, who will have such a skirt in size.