Best Bedroom Colours: Design Tips

Best Bedroom Colors: Design Tips

Do you want to sleep well? Then make sure your bedroom walls are the right color. Which shade is better to choose, tell the interior designers

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. We come here to “reboot” after a hard day’s work, to abandon everyday worries and relax. Here we can be ourselves, and this requires that the situation is conducive to this. And the choice of wall paint plays a key role. Psychologists do not recommend using active prints and too bright colors in the bedroom, which can subconsciously irritate and suppress us. We have collected for you the best shades according to the leading interior designers. And let them help you create your dream bedroom!

1. Shade Skylight, Farrow & Ball

 “I love using this shade for the bedroom. It looks fresh and clean – especially when paired with white, gray, or green accents. I also like to combine it with rich chocolate tones to create a special coziness and atmosphere. ” Designer Liz Caan, Liz Caan & Co.

2. Shade Nosegay, Benjamin Moore

 “One of my favorite bedroom shades is Nosegay Benjamin Moore. It gives the room a soft, dreamy look – you will feel calm and happy, which is perfect for a place where people come for comfort and relaxation. ” Designer Gideon Mendelson, Mendelson Group.

3. Shade Salon Drab, Farrow & Ball

 “It’s a very warm and sophisticated color. I have described it as “mood”, “atmospheric”, with a pronounced sedative effect. It works great with gold frames and brass fittings, and pairs perfectly with Farrow & Ball’s Light Gray. ” Designer Alexander Doherty, Alexander Doherty Design.

4. Shade Blueberry, Benjamin Moore

 “Blueberry by Benjamin Moore is one of our favorite colors for bedrooms, especially kids’ ones. We love painting bedrooms dark and adding light furniture to trick the eye and make the room look bigger and brighter. ” Designer Caroline Grant, Dekar Design.

5. Shade White Heron, Benjamin Moore

 “I love this color. It looks like a white marshmallow – just as fresh and airy, but with subtle warm undertones. We used this color with equal success in urban apartments and in country houses. The trick is to make it a basic background that allows you to favorably distinguish objects of art, different textures and pieces of furniture. ” Designer Kevin Dumais.

6. Shade Elepant’s Breath, Farrow & Ball

“I love using this paint because it has a light deep pink on a grey base – a very calm yet subtle color for a bedroom.” Designer Katharine Pooley.

7. Shade Juniper Ash LG115, Little Greene

 “Juniper Ash LG115 from Little Greene is perfect for bedrooms. It creates a cozy atmosphere and disposes to rest ”. Alexey Eliseev, color specialist at Manders.

8. Shade Chantilly Lace, Bemjamin Moore

“It looks clean and bright on the walls without looking cold or boring.” Designer Melanie Burstin, Homepolish.

9. Shade Setting Plaster, Farrow & Ball

 “Setting Plaster paint is somewhat reminiscent of millennial pink, which is now at the height of fashion, and therefore also in trend. But it’s also a very calm and soothing shade, which is what I’m looking for in the bedroom. When it comes to sleeping area, I always advise using less contrast and more tone. ” Designer Justin DiPiero, WeWork

10. Shade Mindful Gray, Sherwin-Williams

 “This color is a great choice for a bedroom because it can be serenely calm or playful and vibrant at the same time, depending on what kind of bedding and accessories you use.” Designer Taniya Nayak, Taniya Nayak Design