4 Secrets That Will Instantly Make You Younger

How to reset 10 years in a minute?

Each woman has her own way to quickly clean herself up before an important meeting. ELLE offers a few more universal secrets.

Number 1. Moisturizing eye drops or blue mascara

Nothing betrays tiredness like a glance. Squirrels tend to fade over the course of the day, making the look less bright. Blue moisturizing drops can be used to revitalize it. They have an advantage over the usual ones – they whiten the eyeball. Another option is to bet on colored mascara. Black usually makes the look heavier, but colored emphasizes the edge of the eyes and their color. Blue mascara works best for this.

Number 2. Tidy eyebrows

Makeup artists say: the correct shape of the eyebrows can take off 10 years. Ask a specialist to find the best shape for you, and then train yourself. Eyebrow shadows help you – they are easy to use without the risk of overdoing. A light concealer applied under the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes will also help open the eyes. Just make sure that the color of the concealer is not too different from your natural skin color.

Number 3. Do not foget your makeup base

Before using foundation (and even without it), apply a special primer base that tightens pores and smooths skin. It not only has a Photoshop effect, but also minimizes age-related signs thanks to light-reflecting pigments.

Number. 4. Light from inside

In a metropolis, the skin loses its radiance and moisture. Blush, tone and highlighter, applied under the base on the cheekbones and prominent parts of the face, will help to create the illusion of a glowing skin after the release. Mix it with a moisturizer to keep your foundation from rolling off into wrinkles. Dilute textures that are too dense with your regular face cream to avoid the mask effect and look natural.