Leather Trousers: What to Buy and What to Wear With It?

What are the benefits of leather pants? They ennoble the image, do not depend on trends and are durable. And they can be easily combined with everything in the world – from silk shirts to jackets.

Leather pants + jacket

After the dominance of leather leggings, leather trousers remained on the fashionable periphery for a long time. But everything is changing. Today, trousers do not have to be tight – this time. And two – may not contradict the office dress code. Pair them with jackets, add a turtleneck or a T-shirt, and wear with ankle boots, sneakers or rough boots.

Leather pants + cossack‚Äôs  trouesers

The hypertrend for leather total looks captivates with the opportunity to look rock-cool. For example, this combination of leather pants and Cossacks from the Magda Butrym lookbook brings confidence and rebellious spirit. If you don’t want to go to extremes, choose something emphatically feminine to your trousers – for example, a silk top in lingerie style.

Leather pants + silk shirt

Eye-catching combinations are often based on the contrast of textures. According to this principle, leather pants can be paired with silk shirts and blouses. So that the image does not seem excessive, we advise you to abandon large jewelry.

Leather pants + sweater

Another idea for a simple look with leather pants is that you can even go to the office in loose leather pants and a cozy sweater. For a hint of which shoes to choose, look in the lookbooks of the Scandinavian brands Arket and Toteme: it will be easy to adapt laconic sneakers and ankle boots to such a set.

Leather pants + leather shirt

The image of leather things turns out to be accent by itself and does not require additions. If you want variety, then you can create multi-layered images with a shirt, throwing it over T-shirts, turtlenecks and thin sweaters. The more neutral the color of leather pants and a shirt, the more combinations you can come up with in the future.