How to Extend the Life of a Flower Bouquet: 10 Life Hacks

1. Clear water and vase

How to Extend the Life of a Flower Bouquet purple carnation flowers in vase2

Rule number one: change the water every day and cut the flowers by about 1 cm so that small bacteria do not multiply in the vase and the stems do not rot. Do not forget to also wipe the inner walls of the vase (you can use a soda solution for this) and get rid of plaque.

2. Remove the leaves from the stems

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Remove all leaves from the bottom of the stem to keep them from rotting. Alternatively, you can simply pour less water into the vase so that it is always below the level of the leaves.

3. Nutrients

To prolong the life of the bouquet, put sugar in the water (1 teaspoon per liter). 1 tablet of aspirin, a teaspoon of salt or alcohol will disinfect the water and help prevent bacteria from growing. The tablets should first be ground into powder.

4. Water temperature

Different varieties of flowers require different water temperatures. Tulips, for example, prefer icy water (literally, with ice cubes), and roses stand better in room temperature water – not too cold, but not too warm. Clarify the “flavors” of your plants.

4. Air temperature

Do not put flowers in a hot place or leave them in the sun. Ideal conditions for a summer bouquet are 18–20 ° С.

6. Soft water

All flowers do not tolerate hard water. Use settled or boiled water for your summer bouquet, or soften the tap water yourself by adding 1 tablespoon of citric acid or vinegar to it.

7. Spraying

On hot days, spray the bouquet with cool water to help it stay fresh longer.

8. Beware of fruits

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Never place flowers next to fruit. The fruits release a gas called ethylene, which speeds up wilting and shortens the life of your bouquet.

9. Cold bath

You can prolong the life of a bouquet and “revive” it by putting the flowers in water at room temperature for at least several hours. Such baths are especially fond of roses.

10. Compatibility of “characters”

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Please note that like humans, not all flowers get along with each other. Some behave in the company of “outsiders” so aggressively that it is recommended to put them separately. These are, for example, lilies of the valley, roses, carnations, daffodils, lilies, poppies. Roses of different varieties standing in the same vase are also not compatible with each other.