How to Apply Matte Lipstick Without Drying Out Your Lips?

What to do if lipstick dries lips.

A fatal Drama Queen look cannot be imagined without rich lipstick. As, however, and the classic evening. Dense velvety colors suit girls with any lip shape, which is why it is more offensive to refuse matte lipstick because of its specific feature – if applied incorrectly, it can dry the skin of the lips.

Professional makeup artist Bob Surrey told Femme4 how to apply matte lipstick correctly, that is, without the effect of chapped lips.

1. Lip scrub – first of all!

Always exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. Some people use special scrubs for this, but you can do this yourself, simply by mixing sugar and honey in equal proportions. In addition to scrubs, you can exfoliate your lips with a regular toothbrush.

2. Don’t forget about the balm

Apply a nourishing balm to your lips immediately after scrubbing. It is advisable to do this 15 minutes before starting your makeup. This should be enough time to moisturize your skin before applying matte lipstick.

3. Brushes in hand

“Why does matte lipstick roll off?” – another question that interests many girls. The trick is to apply. It is better to distribute lipstick on the lips not with a stick and not with the supplied applicator (if you use liquid products in tubes), but with a special thin and flat makeup brush. This makes it easier to control the coverage of the product.

4. Thinner is better

Don’t put too much product on your lips. A thicker layer of matte lipstick will give a more dry effect on the lips. The thinner the better!

5. Less moisture

Try to keep the matte lipstick free of moisture. And this often happens when you automatically lick your lips. When the liquid evaporates from the surface, the skin of the lips becomes very dry. The result is peeling and microcracks.

To be honest, there is no perfect matte lipstick that doesn’t dry your lips at all. Accept it, especially if you like persistent remedies.

Do not give up using matte lipsticks. The main thing is to carefully care for the skin of the lips so that it is soft and moisturized. And then your lip makeup will be flawless!