Correcting Mistakes: How to Save Hair After Unsuccessful Dyeing

Each of us, at least once in our life, found ourselves in a situation when we wanted to literally kill our hairdresser or, at least, smash a beauty salon to pieces because of unsuccessful staining. But do not rush to look for an ax in the mezzanine. The main thing in this situation is to stay calm. Get detailed instructions on what to do to save your precious curls.

It’s one thing if everything went wrong in a beauty salon. In this case, the master must correct the error, if, of course, your requirements are justified. Worse if the consequences of unsuccessful staining overtook you at home. And in fact, and in another case, do not panic! Together with Anastasia Ermolova, technologist at Paul Mitchell, we figured out what kind of troubles can happen to hair after dyeing and how to restore the life of the curls even in the worst case scenario.

After dyeing, the hair turned into a loofah

This is really the worst option, but fortunately it is extremely rare. There may be several reasons: overexposed paint, individual reaction to dye, unsatisfactory condition of the hair before dyeing.

What to do: There are many salon procedures that can bring back to life even the most hopeless curls. Pay attention to such a service as keraplasty. This is the fastest and most powerful restoration of damaged hair using keratin. The keratin protein quickly reconstructs the hair structure, restoring its density, strength and elasticity. Another indisputable plus: keraplasty has a cumulative effect and the result of the procedure will last up to 5 weeks.

The color turned out not at all what you dreamed of

Everything is very subjective here. The final result almost always depends on the original hair color and condition. No good artist can guarantee that the effect will be the same as that of a millionaire blogger in a photo on Instagram. Therefore, here we are not considering the case when you are simply unhappy with the resulting color. We are talking about when the result of staining is radically different from the desired color or an unpleasant shade appears.

What to do: We would all prefer to receive emeralds as a gift, not a green tint on our hair. If the trouble does happen, your recipe is the correct toning. A professional colorist in just a couple of steps or 2 strokes of the brush will turn the green mermaid hair into golden, and replace the yellowness from blonde with noble pearls.

After washing your hair, there is nothing left of staining

Only a week passed, and not a trace remained of the staining – the color faded and changed beyond recognition. This often happens due to the fact that the pigment has not penetrated well enough into the hair structure.

What to do: do not urgently sign up for re-staining at the salon (this can only get worse). Homemade tint conditioners will help. For example, the personalized care Color Craft, the formula of which is selected individually and combines several color pigments. Ask the colorist to make you a tint treatment and use it several times a week. Don’t forget about delicate shampoos and, of course, about thermal protection products. Proper care will help maintain the brightness of the shade.

Hair problems started

The desired color has been preserved, but the hair has lost its elasticity, silkiness and, it seems, is planning to leave your head in the near future.