5 Myths That Are Told to You in a Beauty Salon: Don’t Believe It!

In order not to spend extra money, keep in mind: these five tips can be safely ignored!

1. You don’t need highlights so often

Most stylists believe that every time you color the roots (if you do not change the tone in general), you need to lighten the strands again. This is not true! A competent colorist will simply create a new recipe for mixing tones and apply a darker shade to the roots, stretching it along the length, and protonate the already clarified strands with a different composition. If every time you dye all your hair in one tone, and then do highlighting again () – think about the qualifications of the master!

2. You don’t need restorative procedures

Often before dyeing, color stylists say that the hair is terribly depleted, and must be restored before dyeing. If you yourself do not think that your hair is feeling bad (and who else should know this?), Feel free to refuse. High-quality dyes take care of your hair by themselves, and if you want restorative procedures, do them yourself at home, applying special masks.

3. You don’t need to buy all the products of the same brand

Hair is a dead tissue, so they won’t appreciate your efforts if you use one expensive brand of products. Instead, buy a good, silicone-free shampoo, and a more expensive conditioner and mask.

4. You don’t need to cut your hair once a month

The fact that hair grows faster with frequent haircuts is a myth. Hair, as you know, grows from the root, and this very root has no idea what happens to the ends of the hair. If your hair doesn’t split and you are comfortable with the cut, there is no reason to cut the ends.

5. You don’t need to wash your hair every day

Although shampoos say “suitable for daily use,” the only reason to wash your hair daily is if you have oily scalp. It’s clear that if you wash your hair every day (especially long hair), the shampoo will run out faster, you will go for a new one, and who is the winner here is obvious.