What is Cryotherapy and Why You Should Try It?

Many people are familiar with the problems of increased fat content of the T-zone of the face, enlarged pores, swelling of the face in the hot season. How to solve them?

It turns out that these problems can be dealt with in just 10 minutes. Just sign up for a cryotherapy treatment.

Cryotherapy is a facial massage with liquid nitrogen, after which you will feel cheerful and light, and your skin will look like after an hour of professional care. But in addition to visible changes (ideal complexion, narrowed pores, healthy skin glow), you will get a noticeable lifting effect from the very first procedure, removing inflammation, stabilizing the sebaceous glands. In addition, indications for cryotherapy are age-related changes in the skin, the initial stage of rosacea, and demodicosis. Also, the procedure is suitable for eliminating puffiness in the postoperative period and promotes rapid healing.

The action of the procedure is based on the ability of nitrogen to penetrate the skin barriers and the effect of cold on cold receptors. The blood vessels narrow sharply and then slowly dilate. This leads to an increase in blood circulation in the layers of the epidermis, accelerates metabolic processes, and removes dead particles from the skin.

To achieve a therapeutic effect, cryotherapy is recommended to be carried out in courses, up to 8 to 12 procedures. The first treatment usually takes 3-4 minutes. The time of each subsequent one gradually increases to 10 minutes of exposure.

The procedure is all-season and has only one very rare contraindication – allergy to cold.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedure, only specialists with higher medical education can carry out it, and the salon must have a license for medical activities. In addition, nitrogen must be stored in a special cryo-tank – a Dewar vessel. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of all documents before contacting doctors.