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How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

As much as we love to sunbathe and relax in the midday sun, we should all recognize the negative effects of UV rays on our skin. And if you do not give up sunbathing, then at least limit it. Dermatologists and cosmetologists say that sunscreens should be at hand and in the most prominent place…

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How To Eat Less Sweets and Not Suffer?

Five simple nutritionist tips to overcome sugar addiction One of the most common health problems in today’s society is the overconsumption of sweets. In fact, our cravings for certain tastes often indicate a lack of certain micronutrients in the diet. So, from a nutritional perspective, if you are constantly dreaming about sweets, it is likely…

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How To Lose 10 kg In Six Months Using Fasting-personal experience

Experiment and natural curiosity turned into a new way of life and things two sizes smaller It seems that today only hermits have not heard about fasting, or intermittent fasting: fasting of various durations is practiced by the best minds of Silicon Valley, Hollywood stars, models, podcast hosts, micro and macro influencers; Amazon Prime dedicates…

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What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Strawberries?

The most popular summer berry as an example of super snacks … with some caveats We will learn about the long-awaited onset of summer not only from the weather forecast reports, but also with the appearance of certain local products. So, the debutant of the season is ripe strawberries (there are more than 600 varieties…