How to Grow Micro-greens on the Windowsill Without Land

The most “fashionable” ingredient for your morning avocado toast and large salad bowls. The most important thing is to buy a bag of seeds in any supermarket and a spray gun!

Microgreens remain one of the most fashionable food trends. Previously, restaurateurs decorated dishes with only a few sprouts, but now it has become almost the main ingredient of salads.

Bloggers on social networks have also long accustomed their subscribers to the fact that April should start with “planting” on the windowsill or balcony, and by the middle of the month enjoy the first harvest. The magic of microgreens is that it grows in just a week, and you don’t need land to plant it.

The most important thing is to choose a variety that you will like in taste and appearance. Thus, about 12 of the most popular species are produced: microgreens of beets, cabbage, radish, peas, mitsuns (Japanese mustard), cress salad, corn, lentils, basil, soybeans and red cabbage.

Similar seeds can be found in the spring in every supermarket in the garden department, in addition, do not forget to buy an atomizer for irrigation of sprouts – they love moisture very much!

Many people don’t know how to grow microgreens without land, but in fact there is nothing easier. You will need any container or tray of vegetables, cotton pads and water.


  • 2-3 hours before planting the seeds, soak them in a glass of water. Usually this time is enough for most seeds to swell.
  • Next, put cotton pads on the bottom of the tray and moisten them with plenty of water. And then put seeds on them, which by this point had already increased in size.
  • Cover the tray with food film to create a “green” effect.
  • When the first sprouts appear, the film can be removed.
  • Irrigate the seeds 2-3 times a day with water from the spray gun. In a week they can already be cut!

For those who do not know what to cook with microgreens, there are some good recommendations.

First, add sprouts to your favorite vegetable salads, dishes with buckwheat or egg. In addition, microgreens go perfectly with puree soups and various sandwiches. If you are a fan of avocado toast like Femme4, just sprinkle your favorite dish with freshly cut microgreens: it will add piquancy and juiciness to this dish!