7 Creative Ideas On How to Use Paper Towels

Their functionality is off the charts. And if you show a little imagination, then the practicality of the application can be maximised. Femme4 experts have named the most popular ways to use towels that will definitely come in handy.

For makeup

This advice should be taken on board by anyone who prefers light and crumbly textures to creamy textures. Eyeshadow, blush and powder often peel off when applied. To keep them from mixing on the skin, make-up artists use cotton pads or folded paper towels dipped in warm water. However, they are also useful for makeup with foundation – but already in order to protect the collar of a blouse or shirt.

For styling

When the makeup is done, it’s time to style. Classic Hollywood curls are easy to create without even having a curling iron or curlers on hand. You can use paper towels instead. To curl light waves, 3-5 towels must be folded and twisted into tight tubes and a strand of hair should be rolled over each. The ends of the improvised curlers are best tied together. If the finished styling needs to be fixed, paper towels will come to the rescue again: they will protect the shoulders and back from varnish or spray.

Sensitive skin care

Many people who are concerned about irritations and rashes on the face, neck and back often hear recommendations to regularly change textiles that are in contact with the skin. These are mainly bed linens and towels. And if in the first case, the standard is to change the set at least once a week, then in the second, the recommendation can be observed more accurately by replacing ordinary towels with paper ones. After completing the necessary care, it is enough to blot the sensitive areas of the skin with them, thereby reducing the spread of bacteria. For this delicate task, it is better to choose towels with a high absorbency.

Makeup remover

An easy way to remove waterproof makeup is to wipe your face with a paper towel dipped in olive oil or any other vegetable oil. However, it is better to let it soak in advance with a special mixture prepared from 2 teaspoons of oil, 2 glasses of mineral water and a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil. Once you’ve prepared the mixture, place half a roll of paper towels in it and let it sit for a few hours to absorb moisture. This makeup removal method is an affordable alternative to oil-based cleansers.

For glass polishing

Experienced housewives know that paper towels do an excellent job of staining windows. Following this logic, they can be used to clean other glass or mirrored surfaces, from smartphone screens to massive countertops and bar counters. For maximum effect, it is better to wipe the glass first with towels moistened with a special liquid for washing, and at the final stage – dry.

For drying vegetables and fruits

Often, after washing vegetables and fruits, drops of water remain on them. Ignoring them, housewives are faced with a situation where the salad begins to “float”: excess liquid accumulates in it, which affects not only the taste, but also the safety of the dish. To prolong the freshness of the salad, after washing, it is better to spread fruits and vegetables on paper towels: they will quickly absorb moisture and prepare them for further cutting or shredding.

For tea and coffee

Layered paper towels are also useful for a tea or coffee break. They will easily play the role of a strainer without letting tea leaves into the cup. Or a filter that guarantees the spilling of boiling water through the ground coffee. It remains only to choose what to prefer – tea or coffee.