What Does Your Makeup Say About You? We Asked the Psychologists!

Psychologists say that makeup is not only about highlighting the merits and masking flaws, but also some kind of mask that you put on. What is hidden under it? Did the experts manage to guess your personality from your makeup?

1. Black eye liner, classic lipstick

You have a great memory and organizational skills, you are never late, you don’t forget about your cousin’s birthday, and you love rituals: family dinners on Sundays or baking cookies for the New Year. You love the measured rhythm of life, stability and predictability, make to-do lists. You can always be relied on, and the bosses consider you an irreplaceable employee!

2. Colored eyebrows, unusual lipstick, blush

You are not one of those who prefers to remain in the shadows: in any society, your appearance does not go unnoticed. You are a leader, bright and ambitious, self-confident and very creative person. You know what you want, you know how to achieve it, and nothing will stop you on the way to the goal.

3. Accent on eyelashes and dark lipstick

You are a fatal beauty, and you know about it. You walk through life with the grace of a panther, and we do not advise anyone to get in your way. If you love – then with all your soul, if you are offended – then forever. Polar feelings are your peculiarity, and the proverb about love, from which there is only one step to hate, was as if invented about you.

4. Natural makeup

You are a dark horse. Doing makeup, which seems to be not at all, you, on the one hand, bare your true face, on the other hand, this is still not it, but an improved version. You are confident in yourself, but you are in no hurry to reveal your soul to the first comer, you are characterized by reasonable caution and observation. You are the one who succeeds where many fail – all because you know how to wait.

5. Contouring, smoky eyes, lipstick

You are very emotional and cry from the mammoth song. Your makeup is more like a visor that you put down when going to battle. Colleagues and acquaintances consider you aggressive and bitchy, but this is just a mask with which you protect your sentimental and slightly naive essence, which only the closest ones see.

So, have we guessed it? Have you found yourself in the descriptions?