Culinary Trends: Sweet & Sour Kombucha Recipe

Sweet juices and soda will have to make room on store shelves. A natural drink from China is already stepping on their heels – kombucha. Here is our kombucha recipe, so you can try it at home.

You all know this tea perfectly well, but under the more familiar name. Remember, every grandmother once had this “pet” in a three-liter jar under gauze? And here he is again at the peak of his popularity! The trend began to resume in 2016 in the United States, and now kombucha is quite common there. Here, kombucha can be found only in some supermarkets or metropolitan establishments. The phenomenon is very interesting, the “Eat at Home” team could not bypass it.

A drink with a healthy history

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For a long time, it was believed that kombucha is a single organism. But in the last century, scientists have proved that this is a symbiosis of two different oldest microorganisms. Simply put, its composition is represented by yeast and acetic acid bacteria that can process sugar. As a result of this reaction, a sweet and sour carbonated drink is born, familiar to us from childhood.

And in what form, I wonder, was it used before our era? By the way, even then he was mentioned in the Chinese sources of the Jin dynasty.

Kombucha was considered to be a purifying and energizing drink that could heal a person from many diseases. True, modern scientists doubt the healing properties of the product, they are simply not scientifically proven. But there is speculation that kombucha is beneficial for digestion and immunity. Be that as it may, before using it, it is better to consult a doctor. In addition, the drink is not always available for pregnant and lactating women.

Now you can find not only the traditional kombucha made from black tea, but also its different variations based on jasmine, white and green teas.

This drink is often supplemented with lemon, ginger and ice, berries and fruits are added, and also served in trendy glasses. Kombucha can be found in health food stores and cafes, where it is served as a refreshing, healthy drink.

Kombucha Recipe

To make kombucha tea at home, you first need the mushroom itself. You can ask your friends for it (they did it before), or you can grow it from a drink bought in a store. To do this, leave the bottle of kombucha at room temperature and, when a mushroom has formed in it, take it out and use it. In addition to the main ingredient, you should stock up on black tea without additives and regular white sugar.


water – 1 liter, black tea – 2 tsp, sugar – 5 tbsp. , mushroom.

1. Pour black tea with water, dissolve sugar in the liquid. After 10 minutes, strain the tea so that no tea leaves are left in it.

2. Place the mushroom in a jar, then pour in sweet tea at room temperature.

3. Cover the jar with a cloth and leave at room temperature for 5-10 days.

A Few Extra Notes:

Make the kombucha in a clean bowl. It is even advisable to sterilize the jar in which you will make the drink.

You should not use strong tea – it can slow down the growth of the fungus.

You can understand that kombucha is ready by tasting it. The drink should be exactly sweet and sour.

It is best to drink Kombucha an hour before or after a meal, as it speeds up the digestion process. If you get carried away with it during lunch, there is a risk that very soon you will be hungry again.