Beach picnic: 10 Secrets to Success

Do you love the sun and the sea? Then use the last month of summer to enjoy your beach holiday to its fullest! A few simple tips to help you organize a trendy beach picnic without too much hassle


When planning your trip to the beach, be sure to check the weather forecast in advance. The advice seems obvious, but often in the trouble and gathering we forget to do this, and then we find ourselves on the shore in the pouring rain. The heat can also be troublesome, so it’s best to have picnics in the evening, when the sun is no longer so “evil”, there are no crowds of vacationers on the beach, and your party is decorated with a gorgeous sunset.

Picnic place

To make the evening a success, you need to choose the right place for your beach meal – preferably in the shade, as secluded as possible, away from prying eyes. Even at sunset, when there are few people on the beach, it is best to avoid unnecessary contact.

Protection from the sun

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If you are having a picnic during the day, be sure to bring beach umbrellas, tents, awnings and sunscreen. Otherwise, there is a danger of getting sunstroke instead of fun.

Notable area

So that no one steps on the tablecloth, mark the place of the table with something noticeable: it can be lanterns, hanging decorations, an awning placed around the perimeter of the candle area.


Think carefully about your menu. Save kebabs and beer for other occasions – light, healthy food and refreshments are more suitable for beach parties. Cold salad, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, pâté, watermelons and fruits – you won’t want more in the heat. On sale today there are good portable refrigerators, stylish picnic baskets and beautiful disposable dishes that imitate glass or porcelain – all this will help you beautifully set the table (or rather, the tablecloth) on the sand.

Cold drinks

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To keep your water, juice or champagne cold until evening, stock up on ice cubes. There are special cooling bags for cooling bottles.


Even in “field conditions” the table should look beautiful. There are several options for serving on the beach. You can just spread a tablecloth on the sand, or you can bring a small table with you or build it from boards and other improvised materials that were accidentally discovered nearby. In all cases, it is best to have a buffet so that everyone can take what they like.

Pallet table

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If you take care of the table problem in advance, you can bring several wooden pallets with you and make a table from them. A beautiful tablecloth, candles, bouquets of flowers and a few soft decorative pillows will help bring beauty and coziness.

Comfortable seating

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You can sit on pillows, beach mats or towels. If you are arriving by car, you can bring a couple of folding stools with you. But in nature it is better to do without unnecessary furniture. More importantly, bring some blankets in case it gets chilly in the evening.

Atmospheric lighting

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Finally, think about lighting ahead of time in case the party lasts into the night. After all, when the sun goes down, it will become difficult to navigate in the dark. Don’t forget to bring flashlights, candles, and portable lights with you.