8 Things Only a Girl With Long Hair Will Understand

Many girls are ready to endure a lot of inconvenience for the sake of a beautiful hair. And only a girl with long hair knows what suffering and effort it all costs! What are we talking about – read in our material!

They are everywhere. Everywhere!

Every day a person loses about 100-120 hairs. Yes, so many! Now imagine that a girl with long hair has them more noticeable, and in the end it seems that they are just everywhere – on clothes, on the floor, on a pillow, in a plate … Yes, yes, not only cats need to be combed out to cope with this problem.

When you eat you have to make a ponytail

A ponytail is not just a hairstyle, but a necessity if you are going to eat. While eating, you need to be either a dexterous ninja, or still give up and make a ponytail – otherwise your hair will end up in mashed potatoes or soup.

You pinch them in the car door

And every time it’s so damn unexpected, as if you don’t do the same thing every day! She flew into the car, abruptly closed the door behind her and – ah-ah! It hurts!

Sometimes you wake up with him lying on your hair

Another painful moment – you are asleep, you do not suspect anything, when suddenly your beloved decided to roll over in his sleep and “pinch” your hair, which is comfortably located on the pillow. Not the most pleasant of awakenings …

They also participate in kisses

Long hair is a full-fledged participant in your intimate relationship. When you kiss, they will definitely end up in your mouth – both for you and for him, of course. And then not the most aesthetic and sometimes protracted process of pulling out a long hair from the mouth begins …

They stick to lipstick

It is for this reason that you are not very fond of lip glosses – you just have to blow a slight breeze, as your hair has already stuck to your lips and gets dirty in cosmetics.

With the onset of cold weather, they are especially difficult to comb.

As soon as we put on warm jackets and wrap our neck in scarves, the “golden period” begins for long hair – this is especially noticeable in the back, in the back of the head, where they rub against clothes and roll into something incomprehensible. A disaster happens imperceptibly while you are walking or driving to work, and then you need to stock up on time and patience to comb this tangle. Sound familiar?

They dry for a long time

Getting out of the shower and heading outside in half an hour is not an option, because during this time your hair will never dry out. And in general, if you try to dry them in a natural way, you can not rush anywhere – it will not happen quickly anyway. You always use a hairdryer, but this is not a five-minute process, but a whole ritual that takes a lot of time.

But there can be any concider of parting with the length and making your life a little easier. Because long hair it’s beautiful!