Strawberry Smoothie With Coconut Cream

The perfect smoothie for lovers of classic flavors. Strawberries with cream! For me, this is the taste of childhood! But now I’m making myself a smoothie with these ingredients. This is a great recipe for those looking to join a healthy lifestyle and start drinking smoothies. It has only 3 ingredients. It is very important! Because beginners often mix many completely incompatible products, and, naturally, neither the appearance nor the taste of the prepared smoothie pleases them. So to take the risk, make a strawberry and coconut smoothie. For those with a sweet tooth, you can add Jerusalem artichoke syrup (or any other according to your taste) or honey.

Strawberry Smoothie With Coconut Cream fruits 2617497 12801

Preparation 15 minutes

Recipe for 2 persons

Serving nutritional value

222 Call

Protein 3 g

Fats 13 g

Carbohydrates 24 g


The main

Strawberry 300 g

coconut cream 100 ml

honey 1 tbsp.

Bon appetite!