The Best Way To Get Rid Of Panic Is To Write Down Your Emotions: Writer Tells How To Do It Right

Psychologists say that handwritten notes help calm the nerves. So, if you don’t know what to write exactly, here’s some advice from a professional writer.

Keep a diary.

Take notes in a notebook, write by hand.

Write down feelings, hopes, fears. Make plans, consider prospects. Describe the view outside the window or the view of the bathroom, the smell of the street or the smell of the entrance.

Write what you are ashamed of, what you are afraid of, what you forbid yourself to think about.

Relax, write whatever comes to mind.

On paper, by hand.

First, it will help relieve stress. The practice of liberated handwriting can replace a psychoanalyst, a friend, a priest, a bottle and a noose.

Secondly, it will be interesting to read later. The nuances disappear, namely, reality is woven from the nuances.

Thirdly, suddenly discover a talent in yourself.

Finally, I propose to promise ourselves never to be clogged in capsules of our own paranoia, illusions, arrogance, fears and complexes.

We promise not just to endure criticism, but to listen to criticism. Do not turn away from the unpleasant, do not shut up those who disagree.

Let’s promise not to surround ourselves with cowards and toadies.

Otherwise, one day each of us can cause trouble.